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Instagram: Sweet poop sharing sisters. #bacontunamelt #taiwan

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Instagram: Did you know that Bok Choy is also called Ching Kang Choy? I swear I’m not making up words. #bacontunamelt

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Instagram: How pomelo should be. #Davao #pomelos are the best! #bacontunamelt

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Instagram: Board games, noms, and merriment over at Puzzles. #bacontunamelt

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Instagram: Takeout quesadillas from Nacho Bandido are sooo yummy! The salsa is exceptionally tasty. #nachobandido #bacontunamelt

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Instagram: Colorful lunch today! #bacontunamelt

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Instagram: Today’s activities. #bacontunamelt #kraciepopin #japan

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Instagram: This was so good it was almost worth it for the price. Salted Dark Chocolate ice cream from #honeycreme #bacontunamelt

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Instagram: I don’t get the fascination with Tokyo Banana. It’s spongy and filled with mild banana flavored custard. All in all, price considered, I’d best describe it as meh. #tokyobanana #bacontunamelt

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