Bulla Fruit ‘n Yogurt Popsicle is Refreshingly Healthy

You know how yogurt ice cream has been the fad last year? Along with fun runs, yogurt ice cream gained a lot of popularity last year within a short period of time and this resulted to a number of yogurt ice cream shops sprouting in many corners of the Metro. And I’ve been on this we-love-yogurt-ice-cream bandwagon for a while now (The White Hat being my favorite). Generally, I like the tangy taste of yogurt, be it a drink, creamy, or the frozen kind.

It was this box that caught my eye.

Last weekend, I had just arrived at Podium and was in the mood for something cool and refreshing. This box sitting atop a shelf at Dippin’ Dots caught my eye. Actually, the detail in the green circle that reads “97% Fat Free” caught my eye. Upon further inspection, the box also claims that these yogurt popsicles were made with real fruit and have no artificial colors or flavors. Healthy fun food! I hurriedly got one.

The yummy Bulla Fruit ‘N Yogurt Strawberry popsicle.

Boy, am I glad I did. It was soooo goood! It had that tangy taste that I look for in yogurt, the flavor of the fruit (strawberry in this case) was clearly evident but not overpowering, it’s 97% fat free with no artificial colors and flavors, it didn’t melt as quickly as soft-serve yogurt ice cream, and best of all, you can get this for just Php50 a pop!


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