A Plate of Dissapoint at FlapJacks

Because the power was still out where I live two nights ago, my mom, a friend and I headed to the nearest mall after work to while away the time. Funnily enough, we decided to get dinner nomz from FlapJacks, a breakfast place at Greenbelt 2.
Their informational placemat taught me that the Swiss say “Bun di!” to greet each other in the morning.
Eating at FlapJacks is always a treat for me, I love their ribs, their lemon laced fish, their waffles, their sausages, their mashed potatoes, among others. I also like the fact that they update their menu fairly often, offering tasty new additions from time to time to their already packed lineup. 
This time around, I ordered the new entree called Sweet Chili Calamari. Sadly, it was a big plate of disappoint.
Sweet Chili Calamari (p345) – the plate of disappoint
The serving size is your typical FlapJacks fare- big platefuls that can satisfy a bigger-than-usual appetite. The herbed rice is, like always, soft and tasty. But the squid was tough (although cut into small pieces), the breading too thick, and the sauce is your typical bottled sweet chili sauce that overpowered the taste of the squid and pretty much everything else. 
It could’ve been sweet chili fried rubber and I wouldn’t have known the difference. Okay, I guess it wasn’t that bad, but for the price, I expected it to taste a little better than it did. I’m grateful that the people I was with willingly shared their food with me; otherwise, I’d have gone hungry and possibly even sulky.

The bacon-topped Caesar Salad (p335) and the ever reliable Salisbury Steak (p365)

I got a little bit from each plate and both orders are equally good, as always. The bacon strips (from the salad) and the mashed potatoes (from the salisbury) get special mentions. The bacon was premium grade bacon with more meat than fat. The mashed potatoes have potato chunks that reassure me that they’re not the powdered kind. They are excellent by themselves and they complement their respective dishes perfectly.

It is because of food like these two that I still have love left for FlapJacks. All they need to do now is to chuck that calamari dish from their menu ASAP.


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