Chocnut Wars – Choc*Nut vs. Hany

If you’re Pinoy, I bet you’ve already tried these bite-sized, peanuty, chocolate candy bars at least once in your life (if not, shame on you ^_~). These candies have been part of many Filipino childhoods, it was most definitely part of mine. I remember buying chocnut every afternoon from the sari-sari store near our house or from the school canteen when I was a kid. Up until now, I still get some every once in a while, specially since I transferred to an office where they’re readily available.

Choc*Nut or Hany?

Nowadays, there are many brands to choose from, they vary only very slightly in size, taste and texture. This post will be an attempt to compare the two more popular brands today- King Choc*Nut and Annie’s Hany- and conclude which brand is the best.

Heft (1 point)

Hany is visibly bigger.

Took side-by-side photos to compare their size. While they’re of the same height, you can clearly see that there is a significant difference in the length and thickness. Choc*Nut is thinner, but it is longer while Hany is short but it is pretty thick. By the feel of it, Hany seems to be noticeably heavier than Choc*Nut. (Edit: The packaging says that Hany is indeed heavier at 12g as against Choc*Nut’s 10g)

Hany wins! (Choc*Nut-0; Hany-1)

Texture (1 point)

I’ve had more than ten of these bars yesterday to properly do this. Choc*nut was a bit drier and grainier; it gets a little messy when you bite into the bar. Hany was moist, chewy and much more compact. Funny, in the picture it looks as if it’s the other way around.

Hany wins again! (Choc*Nut-0; Hany-2)

Side by side.

Taste (3 points)

Now this is where the difference counts the most, yes? Any two things can be similar but there would be nuances that can make an entire world of difference. In this case, the dealbreaker is the sweetness. Hany is sweeter. Much, much… much sweeter.

What we love about the chocnut of our childhood is the peanut-y/chocolate-y taste that we grew up with. Choc*Nut perfectly fits the bill. Hany, being super baduper kaduper sweet, unfortunately masks this peanut-y/chocolate-y taste, instead, the sweetness overpowers its supposed flavor. Also, as pointed out by an officemate by the name of Bernie, Choc*Nut doesn’t have that unpleasant sweet/sour aftertaste that Hany leaves you with.

Choc*Nut wins! (Choc*Nut-3; Hany-2)


In the end, it’s still a matter of preference. A lot of people (my officemates) like (are addicted to) Hany but for me, Choc*Nut is still the best. Nothing beats the original!

Which wins the chocnut war for you? Choc*Nut or Hany?


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  1. Meiha

    Chocnut ofcourse.

    But How about a battle of all the brands?

    1. Choc*Nut
    2. Hany
    3. Choc-O-Star
    4. Chatlet
    5. ChocoMani
    6. Others (Please Note if some of you guys know the brand)


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