Classic Pinoy Desserts – Turon

The turon is a classic Pinoy dessert. Fried saging saba (cardava bananas) enveloped in egg lumpia wrapper sweetened with brown muscovado sugar. They’re best eaten hot off the fryer; either as merienda or as dessert to cap off a nice meal. 

While hot turon is widely available every afternoon in nearly every corner of Makati, Taguig is a different story altogether. Since transferring to the Taguig office, I haven’t been able to satisfy my cravings for these sweet treats. And that is why I’m happy to have gotten some good ones the last couple of weekends.

Jay-J’s Inasal, Timog

I got my first turon fix last week from Jay-J’s Inasal at Timog, Quezon City-

Jay-J’s turon (p0)


The best thing about these sweets is that they’re free. Yup, you read that right, these treats cost nothing. As long as you dine at Jay-J’s, they’ll give you and your party some of their special turon for dessert on the house! The wrapper was a bit thicker than I’d have preferred, but other than that, Jay-J’s turons are pretty good- they’re sweet, bite-sized, and nicely served on top of a banana leaf.
Jay-J’s Inasal also has a branch at Ortigas, near the Home Depot along Julia Vargas street. Incidentally, Ortigas was where I was able to try the turon-gasmic turons of Oh Wow Turon!

Oh Wow Turon!, Banchetto

My second turon fix came from Oh Wow Turon!-

“Have a Turon-gasm now!” is Oh Wow Turon!’s tagline


They can be found at Banchetto, that Friday night to Saturday morning food market along F. Ortigas Jr. street. They have three kinds of turon– plain (p20 for 3pcs), with langka (p25 for 3pcs), and turon valencia (sprinkled with pinipig, p25 for 3pcs). All fan-tas-tic! Turon Valencia is my favorite. They’re neatly wrapped and have just the right amount of sugar, the bananas inside were perfectly soft, and the pinipig sprinkles added a nice crunch.
Try them and you won’t be disappointed for sure. I’ll have to go back to Banchetto again to try some of the other stalls there, there are just so many interesting ones! I’ll write about it on BaconTunaMelt soon enough, watch for it. ^^,

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