"Give The Bitch Her Chocolate" is a Snarky Tabletopper

I was browsing through the on sale stack at National Bookstore last Sunday when I came across this little book of snark. “Give The Bitch Her Chocolate” is a compilation of nom-related quotes by ladies with an attitude. I loved it straightaway.


The tag line reads- “Eat. Drink. Bitch.”
(Yes, I use a 101 Dalmatians bedsheet.)


The cover is a sturdy hard binding and the paper is thick with psychedelic designs on the other side of the text. It was gem of a find at just 99 pesos! Besides displaying a different quote per day on my desk, I would also use the pages to write notes for ladies who appreciate a healthy dose of sarcasm in their lives. Teehee~


How many cups do you drink in a day? Yes, you.


There are about fifty pages of colorful text and graphics. While some lines are corny, some have just the right amount of snarky kick. My favorites would have to be “Unattended children will be given espresso and a free kitten.” which would be perfect to display in any establishment and this picture right here-
Oh so true
The description on the box pretty much sums up this quirky tabletop. It reads- “Give The Bitch Her Chocoloate is the ultimate gift for a favorite foodie, churlish chocoholic, or domestic dominatrix who believes bitchiness isn’t just an attitude- it’s a lifestyle.” I approve.

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Mel is a developer by day, a couch potato by night, and a bacon lover at all times. She likes good noms, cute puppies, the color orange, and all things bacon. You may contact her at admin@bacontunamelt.com or anywhere via this blog.

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  1. Anonymous

    Just brought this book in national… I was digging the bargain sale books when I came across this. Basically, I'm on a tight budget, so book wise, I have to settle to bargains. I was already going to buy a book about human resource management when I came across this piece of lovely treasure. So I tried to think between a management book that I can learn from or a bitchy table top that screams bitchiness and sarcasm…. I went for this. (Like I'm going to let this pass by… some psychopathic bitch might pick this up. And I'm not gonna let that happen 😀 ).


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