Yellow Watermelons are Sweet and Cute

Hi gaiz! I hope you’ve had a lovely weekend like I did. It’s been a weekend of good company and delicious noms for me. I’m a bit behind on chronicling my foodie trips and I really should be writing about last week’s stop at Salcedo Market and Comicology‘s sister’s fabulous cooking. Will get to that soon, I promise.
In the meantime, we’ll talk about these anomalies that I came home to a couple nights ago-
Dino eggs?

These dinosaur-egg-shaped fruits are actually watermelons, only of a different variety. My dad got these funny looking things from Bulacan for p25 apiece. He says the seller called them pakwang dilaw, for lack of a better term. 
Shape and texture
They’re a bit on the small side (smaller than the ones in groceries), and they’re oval and pointier than usual. They also have the same texture as the regular watermelon, kind of grainy and a lot crunchy.
Yellow watermelons taste like your normal pink/red ones, the difference is that this variety is evenly sweet. The pink/red ones tend to be sweeter at the core and less so nearer the skin. These yellow ones seem to be sweet all over, which is fantastic. 
Sweeter than your average watermelon
It is a bit disorienting to eat yellow watermelons because we’re so used to the pink/red ones. But after having tried the pakwang dilaw from Bulacan, I now like these better. They’re juicy, sweet, refreshing, and cute too!

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