A Not So Proper Review of Mom & Tina’s

Come dinnertime last Saturday, we were having a difficult time deciding where to eat in Greenbelt or anywhere close by. We were looking for a place that didn’t serve fastfood that isn’t so expensive where food is filling.
Twenty minutes later, after ticking off all the nearby restaurants one after the other for failing to meet the above requirements, we still didn’t have a place to eat. And then someone had a lightbulb moment and suggested to eat at Mom & Tina’s, which was a few minutes walk from where we were. We all agreed immediately (not just because we were already hungry).

 See all those heads outside? Mom & Tina’s is as busy as if it were early evening

Mom & Tina’s Bakery Cafe in Makati can be found at Perea corner Dela Rosa Sts. It’s one block away from that corner of Greenbelt 5 near the huge Zara shop. They also have a branch in Pasig, their first one if I’m not mistaken.
We got there for late dinner, around 9:30pm or so, and I was pleasantly surprised that the restaurant was still teeming with life. Most chairs and tables, even the ones outside, were taken and were filled with people enjoying the food and/or coffee and dessert animatedly talking to each other. It was a surprise because the place was a bit out of the way and usually, restaurants are less lively during this time.

For starters- 
  • Garlic rolls- Mom & Tina’s garlic rolls come with their soup of the day (more on that later) and pasta dishes, or they can also be bought at p7 a piece. These lovely rolls have a consistency similar to croissant but are less flaky. These are a must try.
 The half-finished squash soup and garlic roll
  • Soup of the day- the soup of that day was creamy squash soup (they had a fancy name for it, but it was so long, I forgot). I’m calling it squash soup and it was really good. You can get half an order (p55) with one garlic roll or a full order (p105) with two garlic rolls.

Main Dishes-

  • Chicken Alexander- creamy mashed potatoes mixed in with chicken chunks prettily served in a bowl with two pieces of garlic rolls on the side. It was creamy and tasty. The dish was loaded with carbs, it was very, very filling.
Carbo-overloaded Chicken Alexander (p160)
  • Beef Stew (p175)- didn’t get to try this one, but I’m told it’s pretty good. There was so much of it that one order can be shared between two people.
 The Beef Stew that would never end
(tahong not part of this dish)
  • Callos (p175)- another dish worthy of note. Tender ox tripe, sausages, chickpeas, and bell pepper. The serving is good for two as well.
The Callos didn’t make it to the picture

  • Brazo de Mercedes- the cake was light and not overly sweet. It’s a great deal at only p35 per (really huge) slice.
  • Dark Toblerone Walnut Torte (p95 per cup)- a refrigerator cake flavored with dark toblerone mixed in with nuts and cream. It’s lovely. They also have White Toblerone Walnut Torte and Toblerone Walnut Torte, both are fantastic as well.
I’m really sorry for the lack of details and good pictures. But you can take my word for it (and the fact that we nommed immediately and forgot to take pictures), Mom & Tina’s Bakery Cafe is a dinner stop worth the walk- the food is delicious, the desserts aplenty, the serving size large, and prices are easy enough on the pocket.
It’s nearly weekend already, yay! I’m heading to Tagaytay for this one. Have a good one guys. ^^,

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