Bag of Beans, Tagaytay’s (In)Famous Coffeeshop & Bakery

Still on a Tagaytay hangover, we went back just a weekend after the last roadtrip, with family in tow this time.
One particularly interesting stop that weekend is a quaint (not so) little coffeeshop along the main road of Tagaytay called Bag of Beans. We weren’t particularly hungry then but we stopped by anyway for a coffee break and light snacks.

Clockwise from top left: Bag of Beans storefront, bags and
bags of coffee beans, one of Bag of Beans homey garden set,
and Bag of Beans resident kitty cat

What’s a coffeeshop without heartwarming coffee? The shelves at the bakery were lined up with bags and bags of coffee beans of different flavors with prices ranging from p200 to p300 per 500g packs. And although they didn’t have it that weekend, Bag of Beans is the only place I know of that sells Civet (cat poop) coffee. It’s what they’re actually most known for.

Bag of Beans’ Freshly Brewed Baraco
(p90 per cup; p105 for bottomless)

If you’re a coffee junkie, you’d surely enjoy the option to go bottomless on their strong coffees for a reasonable price. Not bad if you’re going to while away the time reading the newspaper or chatting while enjoying your coffee and the cool Tagaytay weather.
Some pastries and pies that we ordered to go with the coffee-

Breads & pastries of Bag of Beans:
Cinnamon loaf, Choco roll, Chicken empanada

Desserts: Apple Pie Alamode (p135) and Strawberry Cheesecake (p135)

Everything was delicious, special mentions deserve to be made for the Apple Pie Alamode and the Strawberry Cheesecake. The Apple Pie Alamode arrived freshly baked and warm, it was a whole mini pie instead of a regular slice of a bigger pie. The Strawberry Cheesecake is noteworthy too. While the strawbery jam topping isn’t anyhting special, the cheesecase was meltingly good.

Bag of Beans would be/should be a Tagaytay staple from now on. Loved it! <3


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