Classic Chicken, Classic Savory

As a kid, I was in love with anything that was chicken and asked for it for every meal that my relatives ended up calling me manok instead of my actual name. I wasn’t really very picky with my chicken, but I had favorites. Savory Chicken was one of them. My lola would order a whole Savory chicken (she pronounced it as “sah-vor-ee“) as a treat on some days and I’d be happily enjoying every last spoonful on my kiddie plate, even going as far as licking the plate clean.
 The store front at the Bicutan branch

Savory Chicken’s fried chicken has a distinct taste that no other restaurant has replicated up until now. They seem to have gone away for a while because my most recent memories of Savory Chicken were the random trips to the Binondo branch when my lolo from Davao would be in Manila (he also pronounced it as “sah-vor-ee“). These trips were few and far between and couldn’t have been less than 7 years ago. But they’re back now and in full force. Branches have sprouted in many malls of the city, giving us chicken lovers more chances to have a go at their special fried chicken.
 Classic fried chicken from Classic Savory (p345)
They’re now called Classic Savory and one of their newer branches is tihe one in SM Bicutan. Caught sight of the store about a month ago and I’ve been meaning to eat there since. And then came one Sunday when my family came to visit and we had no food in the house. It was the perfect excuse to head to the mall to finally try the food at Classic Savory.

The restaurant was surprisingly full for a late dinner on a Sunday, families are usually headed home by that time to rest and prepare for work/school the next day. We had to wait for a good 20-30 minutes to get us a table. But boy, it was well worth it. I am happy to report that their Savory Chicken is as good as I remember it to be. If anything, it’s more flavorful now. The skin is light and crispy while the meat is tender yet firm with that delicious Savory secret flavor that I still can’t identify but absolutely love. You can tell that I’ll be going back to Classic Savory for more feel-good chicken dinners!


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