Tagaytay Getaway (3 of 3): D’ Banquet is a Surprise Find

The day after the overnight stay in Andanita Taj, we started making our way back to Manila around noon. Traffic was horrible along the main Tagaytay highway because of a bicycling tournament that blocked an entire stetch of the road. Because of this, we decided to stay away from the popular restaurants along the main highway and postpone lunch for later.
From the Tagaytay-Calamba road, we took a left to Aguinaldo Highway in search for Amira’s (a pasalubong place that deserves an entry of its own because they make the best buco and blueberry tarts in the whole wide world) before grabbing a bite to eat. After a good 15 minutes or so of searching for it with no luck, we were about to turn the car around when the orange sign of D’ Banquet caught our eye. We decided to stop by and have a look-see.

The setup in D’ Banquet’s reminded me of
preschool chairs and tables

The parking lot was near empty at noon, it turns out that the power was out when we got there. But the weather was cool and the menu was interesting that we decided to stay in for lunch. We ordered most of what the helpful waiter recommended starting with Xandro’s Instant Kapeng Barako (p40).

Instant Kapeng Barako (p40)

The goodies store in D’ Banquet was also selling these in boxes at p200 per 10-bag box. Xandro’s Kapeng Barako work much like tea bags, all you need to do is to plop it in hot water and wait a while to have instant barako coffee. It was a bit weaker than expected, but it was alright, considering the fact that there’s no need for brewing.

The perfect Calamares (p105)

To get started, we ordered an appetizer of crispy Calamares. It took a while to arrive but it was well worth the wait. Perfectly fried, the squid wasn’t at all rubbery and the coating was just the right amount of crunchy. The best part about it was the sauce, it wasn’t your run-of-the-mill mayonnaise dip, they paired it with a soy sauce/vinegar mixture that complemented the squid rings well. It was a spectacular combo.

(EDIT: Tagaytay date told me to add more praises for the calamares. His take- “Best fucking calamares IN THE WORLD MUDDA FUKKA!”)

Lengua Estofado (p120)

The house specialty that is Lengua Estofado was one of the things we ordered. The ox tongue had a slightly bitter taste to it but it was tender and tasty. It was pretty good, and it also came with a nice mix of potatoes and carrots and a cup of steaming white rice.

Mechadong Bibe (p120)

This was another recommendation made by our waiter for the day and am I glad we took his advice. This is the best duck meal I’ve had in a long while. I usually don’t like duck meat because it’s stringy and rougher than chicken, it can also be chewy and dry if not cooked right. D’ Banquet’s Mechadong Bibe, which also came with a cup of steaming white rice, was nothing short of fantastic, I tell you guys. The duck meat was very tender and juicy and it was very tasty right down to the bone. This has got to be my second favorite preparation of duck meat (next to peking duck with hoisin sauce).


D’ Banquet is a really, really great find. The ambience was relaxing, the service was good, the price is right, and most importantly, the nomz were delicious. Try to find it next time you’re in Tagaytay, you won’t regret it! Luckily for us too, we found Amira’s only a short distance after D’ Banquet. We got some pasalubong and headed home with tummies happy and hearts content. It was an enjoyable Tagaytay getaway of good noms and good company. I will most definitely do a Tagaytay roadtrip again and again, and again.
D’ Banquet, Tagaytay
Location: Aguinaldo Highway, corner Pink Sisters road, Maitim II East, Tagaytay City
Contact number: (046) 483-0345.

This ends the Tagaytay Getaway series; read parts 1 & 2 here and here respectively. 🙂


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    You must try it
    A fiesta inspired food for only P195
    Including drinks and desserts!

  2. scorpio

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