The Noms at Twenty One Plates

I’ve been meaning to write about Twenty One Plates since we stopped by for dinner a couple weeks ago but things sort of piled up and I haven’t had the chance to until now. This  new-ish restaurant is conveniently located on Aguirre Street, along the well known (among Southerners) row of eateries and bars.
Too bad that it was drizzling when we got there and I wasn’t able to take pictures from outside. The restaurant’s exterior makes the place look homey, by that I mean you might mistake it for a nice suburban house instead of a restaurant when you first see it from the road.
At Twenty One Plates
The layout of the restaurant is homey as well, segregated into rooms, with each room having a different look and feel. The setup was a nice concept, it gives you and your party privacy at no extra charge. I’m told that you can have a TV set up in the room, and you can bring your own projector or gaming console or Magic Sing and have a mini party in the seclusion of your own private room with no extra charge. There is, however, a set minimum order amount, all of it consumable, and the room is yours for the duration of the night. Cool, yea?

Twenty One Plates is called as such because, and you probably guessed it already, they have twenty one unique plates on their menu, all of them specialties of different cuisines. Why 21? I don’t really know. But it’s not always the same 21 plates, they mix up the menu choices and put in new dishes every so often to keep things interesting.
Kimchi Rolls (p200)
We started the meal with the highly recommended Kimchi Rolls. Kimchi rolls are beef bulgogi and sushi rice rolls with a sweet/sour/spicy kimchi flavor. It’s a little strong and you get a nice jolt at the first bite but if you’re like me who likes all things spicy, you’ll love this appetizer. Make sure to have a tall glass of cold water by your side when you do try it.
Healthy Cordon Bleu (p290)
One of the healthier choices in the menu, the aptly named Healthy Cordon Bleu is a dish made of a couple slabs of chicken breast fillets without skin or breading, fried in olive oil, topped with smoked deli ham, swiss cheese and served on buttered pasta. The presentation was cute, the colors of the dish were a pleasing blend of pink (chicken and ham), green (lettuce), and yellow (noodles and bread).
Linguine Al’ Carbonara (p290)
The classic pasta plate, the carbonara, is called Linguine Al’ Carbonara at Twenty One Plates. Linguine noodles in creamy white sauce sprinkled with bacon bits, a dash of grated parmesan cheese served with slice of garlic bread. You might say it’s a typical dish with nothing new to offer, but who needs new all the time? Sometimes, all you want is something familiar, and this homey dish is it.
Indonesian Fried Chicken (p275)
Fried chicken with a twist, this one is flavored with the Indonesian spices and herbs. The chicken breast fillets of Indonesian Fried Chicken are coated in tumeric, garlic, black pepper and soy sauce, served on tumeric rice. Another spicy entree, this one’s definitely not for those who don’t like the feeling of burning lips spicy food.
Bo’s Kaldereta (p295)
Last, but definitely not least, is Bo’s Kaldereta. It might not look all that appetizing in the picture, but this one is for the books. Simply, this dish is made of tender beef cubes swimming in rich special kaldereta sauce. It’s not too spicy but it gives you just enough of a kick. It has a unique flavor to it, I might be wrong but I think they mixed coconut milk in it. Highly recommended by the people of BaconTunaMelt (me).

Why you should go-

  • The menu selection might be limited to twenty one dishes, but all of them are specially picked out. Think of it as a restaurant with 21 chef’s recommendations.
  • At Twenty One Plates, a simple dinner feels like a private party. You don’t get disturbed by other guests, and you don’t have to worry about disturbing other guests.
  • Prices are a bit more than average, but you get good and flexible service catered to your requests.

Where it is-
205 Aguirre Avenue, BF Homes, Parañaque
(02) 825-7348

Other stuff-

Check out news, contests, and promos from the Twenty One Plates Facebook page. They currently have a fantastic promo called Toll Free Dinners, where you reimburse your toll fee as long as you surrender the receipt. Pretty cool.

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