The White Hat Remains to be my Favorite Yogurt Ice Cream Shop

Since late last year and until the first half of 2010, many different yogurt ice cream shops have sprouted in every other corner of the metro. It’s the flavor of the season, so to speak. Personally, I like yogurt ice cream better than normal ice cream or any other dessert because it’s a healther choice.
The White Hat’s 98% fat-free yogurt ice cream
Yogurt ice cream shops are aplenty and they all have a different extras to offer besides the obvious, of course. From when the fad started up until today, my favorite has always been The White Hat’s plain yogurt ice cream. Unlike other shops, they don’t have other flavors and the toppings are few. But before you count The White Hat out, their yogurt ice cream tastes the BEST compared to all the other ones out there. Theirs is not as sour as the others and the consistency is always good. Best of all, their yogurt ice cream is 98% fat free! This is the perfect guiltless dessert.
My mom, enjoying The White Hat’s yogurt ice cream

My most frequented branch is the one at Greenbelt 5 and it’s also my favorite one. Why? They have books and magazines for the young and old as well as board games and toys to pass the time while having yummy yogurt ice cream. It’s also right next to Marta’s Cakes and if you get a cookie to design with colored icing from Marta’s, you can also design your yogurt ice cream as you please!

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  1. alvin, kid repetitive

    Hindi ko madistinguish kung anong pinagkaiba ng mga yoghurt places na yan haha… although Red Mango and White Hat lang yung natitikman ko so far.

  2. abumelt

    Pinakamaasim yung Fro-Yo. White Hat's the only one that's 98% fat free. Plus, their yogurt is less tangy than all the rest.

    Try mo din Qoola, they have a lot of topping choices and you can decide how much yogurt or how much toppings to put in. πŸ˜€


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