A Date with Kuse Adobado BBQ Beef Back Ribs

Somebody once said that having a food blog is fun because content is easy to come by. Eating is a necessity more than a luxury and you’ll have something to write about sooner or later. While I agree with him, I’ll have to say that it’s not always always easy to find something good to write about. Sure, you eat every day, you gotta, but it’s not everyday that you find an interesting new place to eat at or discover a new combination to rave about. It’s a hit or miss thing sometimes, and I try to focus on the hits rather than the misses.
Kuse’s Menu
Date night a couple Fridays ago was definitely a hit. Looking for an intimate place to grab a bite to eat around Piazza Mall at McKinley Hill, we chanced upon Kuse’s quaint storefront. One quick look at the menu and the prices seemed a bit higher than we were willing to spend that night but the place was quiet and had a welcoming feel to it that we decided to give it a go.
Kuse boasts of traditional Filipino cuisine and their best seller is no exception. Kuse puts a whole new twist to ribs, theirs is called BBQ Beef Back Ribs Adobado (It’s a bit of a tongue twister). Adobo is probably the most famous Filipino dish and Kuse incorporated the very Pinoy blend to their beef back ribs.
Kuse’s BBQ Beef Back Ribs Adobado (p495)
One order is 1 kilo of premium beef back ribs at only 495 pesos. It’s a pretty fair deal, imo. The meat was so tender it nearly fell off the bone, just like ribs should be. I understand that the sweet, salty, soysauce-y mix doesn’t appeal to everybody, specially because it’s very different from the typical barbecue beef back ribs but I really, really liked it. My date still prefers the traditional barbecue flavor over this one.
Adobo rice (p90)
We decided to go all adobo and pair the ribs with adobo rice and then wash everything down with some Manila beer. The flavored rice didn’t go so well with the ribs, plain rice would’ve served us better, but it wasn’t so bad. Manila beer wasn’t anything special either, they won’t give San Miguel a run for their money. The beer was served in a chilled glass which was a nice touch.
Overpriced Manila beer (p80)
The ambiance in Kuse was great, it wasn’t noisy so you can have a good conversation without having to strain to hear each other; the service was fantastic, our nomz came within ten minutes of ordering; and the adobado ribs were exceptional and unusual. I’ll have to conlude that Kuse is pretty good date place.

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