Amira’s Buco Tart A La Mode – Perfect Rainy Day Breakfast

It took a while to peel myself away from my comfy bed and covers this morning. Rainy mornings make for perfect snuggling-under-the-covers bed weather, dont they? When I was finally able to unglue my face from my lovely pillow, I headed straight for the breakfast table to find something to eat. And because of the weather, I wasn’t in the mood for the conventional cereal and milk.


Rummaging the fridge, I found a couple of Amira’s buco tarts left from my recent trip to Tagaytay (Amira’s makes the most delightful blueberry and buco tarts!). I thought it would make for a lovely breakfast. Soon, I was enjoying the best buco tart in the world. After a while felt like it was missing something. It was then that I had a lightbulb moment- why not make it ala mode?
The very special buco tart a la mode
I popped the tart in the microwave for a minute at low heat and then topped it off with a scoop of Selecta Creations Pistachio & Cashew ice cream. Voila! Homemade (sort of) buco tart a la mode for breakfast! The end result was delicious; the nuts in the ice cream gave every bite a nice crunch while the ice cream itself provided just enough sweetness. Yummy!
Who said that ice cream wasn’t good to have for breakfast? This made me start my day just right. ^^,

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