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My mom celebrated her 54th last weekend (she’ll probably kill me if she knew I posted her age) with a small get-together at home with family and friends. What was supposed to be a birthday lunch at some restaurant in the city became an all-day impromptu party at our house. And because it was unplanned and we needed nomz for at least a dozen or so people on such short notice, we had to enlist the help of our trusty takeout resto- Conti’s, forever to the rescue.
Mama’s birthday spread

Conti’s has always been a lifesaver in my household whenever there’s no one to cook and there’d be guests in the house. You only need to call a day in advance and their ever reliable crew will have your orders ready when you want it. They deliver to your house if your total bill amounts to three thousand pesos or more and they also lend food warmers for a holdout of three hundred pesos per container (your deposit will be given back in full as soon as you return them).

Because we have our own food warmers (my mom’s a girlscout), we brought them to the restaurant and requested that the food be placed on our containers and delivered to our house the day after. The staff obligingly humored this request, that’s how accommodating the people of Conti’s are. Their food, of course, is fantastic. My family wouldn’t keep going back otherwise.

Fresh Lumpiang Ubod (p300, 12 pcs)

One of our favorites is the Fresh Lumpiang Ubod. Fresh ubod wrapped in soft lumpia wrapper and topped with sweet sauce, chopped fresh garlic and nuts. Healthy and yummy, this is one of the few vegetable dishes I truly enjoy.

Paella Madrilena (p435, good for 8)

Another dish served that day is the Paella Madrilena. Paella rice mixed with a variety of seafood, this dish is tasty and filling on its own. A treat for seafood lovers.

Boneless Chicken Barbecue (p470 – good for 8)

One of my personal favorites, the Boneless Chicken Barbecue is tender chicken fillet strips seasoned with mildly sweet barbecue sauce. It’s simple to eat and it goes perfectly with steaming white rice.

Herb-crusted Fillet of Fish (p595 – good for 8)

This one’s for those who like eating light. The steamed meat is easy on the tummy and is sprinkled with basil, corn, carrots, and olive oil.

Garlic Sotanghon (p345 – good for 12)

No Pinoy birthday party would be complete without noodles (for long life!). With a generous amount of chicken strips and a healthy dose of pepper for spice on glass sotanghon noodles, Garlic Sotanghon is another family favorite.

Lengua Estofado (p675 – good for 8)

Lengua Estofado is stewed ox tongue swimming in creamy mushroom gravy. Everyone said it was good but I’m not particularly fond of the gooey texture of tongue sliding down my throat.

Tito Eric’s Schezuan Skinless Shrimp

This isn’t from Conti’s but it was such a bestseller (with me and teh boytoy) that day. My mom’s brother, Tito Eric, made these skinless schezuan-flavored shrimp for the occasion. The name says it all, the shrimp was skinless (with only the head and the tail left to remove) making it extra easy to enjoy the shrimp which was immersed in tasty and spicy schezuan sauce. All shrimp dishes should be skinless, this was delicious!

Choco Walnut Torte (p550)

What would a birthday party be without cake? Of course, the birthday girl had to blow a cake. Mama’s main cake was also from Conti’s- the Choco Walnut Torte. A refrigerator cake with a wafery base similar to that of Conti’s famous Mango Bravo but instead topped with creamy white icing and showered with a dash of walnuts as topping. It’s an unusual (but yummy!) cake that was more than enough to satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth.

All the nomz lasted for the duration of party which started at lunchtime and went on until way past dinner. Conti’s is the easiest way to party at home without having to worry about the hassle of cooking for a large group. Conti’s Pastry Shop & Restaurant (the one closest to our house) is conveniently located along President’s Avenue in BF Homes, Paranaque. They also have branches at Greenbelt 2, Serendra, Trinoma, Greenhills, and also at Solenad, Nuvali.

Conti’s Pastry Shop & Restaurant
Address: 61 President’s Ave., BF Homes ParaΓ±aque, Philippines
Contact Number: (02) 807-3388; (0922) 847-3003

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