The Amazing National Food Showdown 2010

The National Food Showdown 2010 with the themeΒ  “A Quest for Culinary Excellence” took place last September 10 and 11 at the A. Venue Events Hall in Makati. Representatives from different top hotels, restaurants, and culinary schools came to showcase their awesome talents and compete against each other in different categories.
The National Food Showdown 2010
We passed by on the second day of the competition and were properly amazed at all the gorgeous and edible displays. Here are some of the lovely displays:

Rows and rows of towering cakes greeted us as soon as we entered. Towering and unusual wedding cakes-

Chocolate overload! Cakes decorated and topped with mouth-watering layers of white, regular, or dark chocolate-

These cakes are entries by students of different culinary schools. Look, it’s a PvZ cake! Also, Nemo and Burger & Fries cakes. Cute!-

One side of the events area was filled with tables of scrumptious hors d’ oeuvres with such elegant presentations. Yum!-

Another area was solely for sugar towers, where the displays were made of hardened sugar molded into different creative scenes. The Casino Royale display won a bronze ribbon and was made by a friend and his crew (Good job!). Look, they also made a Twilight sugar tower complete with models of the characters, lulz-

The last area that we visited was dedicated for professional bread displays. The breads had such intricate details on them and one has to wonder how they were able to do it. Here are some of the amazing bread towers on display that day-
After witnessing the National Food Showdown 2010, I am amazed at the huge amount of talent showcased by many Filipinos in the line of culinary art. The Events Hall of A. Venue was filled with fantastic display after fantastic display of edible art. Congratulations to all the winners, your works were fabulous!

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