An Easy Dinner at Burgoo Podium

Another day, another dinner.

While the statement may seem bleak, dinners are actually meals I look forward to the most. They (my mom) keep(s) telling me that I should eat heavily at breakfast and lunch then eat light come dinnertime but that never happens with me. Somehow I always end up doing the opposite, barely eating in the morning and then gorging making up for it at night.

Conversation over crayons over beer
It’s unhealthy I know, but dinnertime is my relax-and-sit-back time. It may sound old-fashioned, but I like having long dinners over easy conversation. I’d rather be doing that than shouting to be heard in a dark club with neon lights flashing all around me. That’s why I like having Burgoo dinners at The Podium.
The ambiance at Burgoo is always welcoming, most specially at night. The floor to ceiling glass  panels give you a view of the night sky, the lights inside are low and reaassuring, and the indoor music is friendly. The restaurant is relatively quiet more often than not, save for bursts of laughter from the group at the next table. The entire place gives you a feeling of familiarity- quiet but not suffocating, mellow but not sleepy.

Your server welcomes you by asking for your name and writing down his name with crayon on the plain white paper covering the table. He then waits for you to decide on what to order, giving you as much time as you need. While waiting for your orders, you can, and are invited to practice your artistic prowess using the cup of assorted crayons on the table. (Summady drew a pen0r on teh tablexxorz! ><)

What we ordered for the night-

Oklahoma Baby Back Ribs (p575)

This slab of succulent baby back ribs seasoned with special barbecue sauce hits the right spot. The meat was tender, the seasoning not too strong nor too light, and the side dishes complemented the ribs perfectly. Enough for two, Oklahoma Baby Back Ribs is a good dish for sharing.

Seafood Jambalaya (p525)

Seafood Jambalaya is a lovely mix of various seafood, peppers, and paella rice. Squid rings, shrimps, and mussels make up the meats of this tasty and happy dish. With a big serving, more than two can feast on this delightful seafood platter.

The night got even better because we got a Burgoo Buy One, Get One coupon and we only had to pay for the higher-priced dish. It was good meal of delicious nomz, easy conversation, lovely company, and a great deal. Looking forward to yet another day, another dinner.


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