Baby Nomz for Halloween

We at BaconTunaMelt have been racking our brains for a good Halloween topic and for the longest time, we’ve been coming up with duds. Cliche though it may sound, inspiration came from this cute little sunflower who went “trick or treat”-ing at our office Halloween party.
This little cutie saved the day
There were dozens of adorable tots in costume last Friday, but this wee little one in a flower hooded onesie won my heart. Because of her, I’ve decided to indulge myself and make a happy little Halloween post with a list of the cutest food costumes for babies (what? baby pictures cheer me up).

My Top 10 Nommable BABIEZZZ!
1. Hotdog baby-

Oooh, lookit those chubby cheeks! The costume kind of looks uncomfy but the tiny person inside it doesn’t seem to mind, his winning grin shows he’s quite the happy little camper.

2. M&M baby-

Lulz, it’s a fussy Red M&M! Sure hope he doesn’t melt in your hand.

3. Taco baby-

You like beef tacos? Yes! Pork tacos? *nods* Chicken tacos? Nom! Baby tacos? Erm,  no thank you. Seeing a baby in a taco costume? Yes, a million times over! I wonder what happens when it tries to roll on its back.

4. Marshmallow Peep baby-

Nope, it’s not your ordinary yelow chick (it wouldn’t really fit this post). This little birdie is a Marshmallow Peep- it’s a baby pretending to be a gooey marshmallow shaped like a chick (sort of) and coated in sugar! How cute is that?
5. Lobster baby
Heehee. Lobster baby looks like a bubbling (pun intended) ball of happies! His giggly face makes me want to cook him up and give him a little nibble (homicidal tendencies NOT intended).
6. Sammich baby
This gives a whole new meaning to HBLT. That acronym will now be known to me as ham, baby, lettuce, and tomato. How can the baby nap in that position? That’s amazing.
7. Spaghetti and Meatballs baby
A bowl of spaghetti, meatballs, chubby cheeks slathered with a generous amount of drool? Who’ll be able to resist that? I am officially in love with this baby.
8. KFC Bucket baby

Yes, someone actually thought to make one of these. And why not, that looks fantastic to me. Kid, your parents are ingenious.

9. Turkey baby

Thanksgiving dinner won’t be complete without a plump, juicy, meaty, tasty turkey.. with a baby head? This costume is all kinds of cute but also kind of weird. And it’s on a platter complete with garnishings, all ready to nom!

10. Cheerios baby

So you’ve been invited to Halloween costume party but all of your monthly pay was spent on supplies for your newborn kid. Fear not! With an empty box of Cheerios, scissors, and tape, you’d be all set and ready to go in just a few minutes. How, you ask? Cut a neck sized hole on top of the large cereal box, put your baby inside, tape up the box carefully- voila! you’re good to go. For good meaure, toss a couple of leftover cereal on your baby’s forehead
Happy Halloween everyone!

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