Max’s Restaurant – The Old Reliable

There are some days when I don’t really feel like being adventurous with food choices. Trying out new restaurants can result in one of two things- it may end up being the best meal you’ve had in a long time or it could also be the worst, which kind of ruins the night. Sometimes, we all just want to have a sure dinner.
Sixty years of good chicken
This is why we each have our own favorite restaurant lists. These are the places that we have fond memories of and go back to time and again for a number of personal reasons. On my list, there’s Conti’s because their baked prawns are fantastic, Bag of Beans for their lovely cheesecakes and coffee, Sonja’s Garden because they serve the best dalandan juice on the face of this earth. For their incomparable fried chicken, Max’s Restaurant has also been there for as long as I can remember. They’re comfortably in the Top 10 and won’t be getting dislodged anytime soon.
Max’s menu from decades past- one whole chicken is just five pesos!
The same goes for a number of Pinoys, it seems. Max’s Restaurant has been serving their “sarap to the bones” fried chicken for sixty years and counting. While they’ve modified their menu (they sold scotch and steak back in the day) and cooked up exciting offers (the most recent is their Chicken All You Can Promo) through the years, what has remained a staple in their menu is their original fried chicken. Max’s original fried chicken is meaty, juicy, and fried to a golden crisp. Like their tagline says, it’s sarap to the bones!

Max’s Fiesta Plate (p205)

The best part about Max’s is that their nomz are very affordable. Because they have combo meals like those that fastfood restos offer, you can have a complete and hearty chicken meal with a budget of only 150 to 250 pesos. My all-time favorite is the Max’s Fiesta Plate. It comes with a quarter piece of chicken, fresh or fried lumpia, a cup of rice, a glass of soda or iced tea, and a caramel bar. Sulit na! 

Max’s Chicken Dinner (p231)
Another very sulit option is the Max’s Chicken Dinner. It includes a hefty half chicken serving with a cup of rice, a side of kamote fries, the soup of the day, a glass of iced tea or soda, and a scoop of vanilla ice cream for dessert. I only get this on select special occasions (or when I’m really, really hungry) because it’s a full-packed meal that would satisfy any hungry tummy.
Max’s Chicken Dinner also comes with these

Max’s Restaurant’s place in my Top 10 Favorite Restaurants list will always be secure. In fact, it has possibly gone a notch higher because I recently realized that they don’t charge a service fee but they still offer very good service. Max’s Restaurant serves classic nomz with hefty servings and good service to boot. They always have been, to me and perhaps to others as well, the old reliable. b(^_^)d

Max’s Restaurant
Location: All around the Metro
Contact Number: 7-9000 (for delivery)


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