Mony Milk Powder is a Blast from the Past

When my young cousins gave me some Mony Mony Milk Powder one Saturday while I was at their house, I couldn’t help but grin at the sight of the colorful bottles- it made me remember my childhood.

Back in gradeschool, I remember saving up my allowance to get candies instead of lunch (kids, this is a bad, bad thing to do). I’d get my sweets from the candy stall at the school canteen, from the vendors who hopped on the school bus on the way home, and most of it, I would get from the sari-sari store at the corner of our street. 

Mony Mony Milk Powder

Manang from the sari-sari store would have a wide variety of sweets that ranged from the imported Nerds and Gobstoppers to the locally made Choc*Nut and Haw Flakes. Once in a while, Manang would mix it up and surprise us with different sweets from the usual ones. This candy was one of the less common but much loved surprise treats.

Like paste containers!

Mony Mony Milk Powder is basically just powdered sugar packaged in colorful soft plastic bottles that is eaten by sipping it through the straw that it comes with, or simply pouring the contents into your mouth (this I do). I remember enjoying the texture of the powder and letting it melt in my tongue before swallowing all of it.  Now it kind of feels weird to be eating that much amount of powdered sugar in one go.

Kids, another cool thing about Mony Mony is that you can pour the powder on a small piece of squarish paper, roll it up, blow into one end, puff away and pretend you’re smoking. You can also achieve the same effect with baby powder, but always remember to never suck in (baby powder does not taste good at all).

Don’t ever smoke, it’s bad for you.


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