Shiok Lah!

At Bonifacio Global City’s Stop Over parking lot (the one beside Shell gasoline station) is a tiny restaurant with a brightly lit sign that reads Shiok. It caught my eye one night as I walking from the car to the nearby Yogurt Nation to get some fantastic ube yogurt.
A dinky outdoor parking lot seemed to be an unusual place for a restaurant, most specially because a few steps away is a complex of eateries of all kinds. I then resolved to eat there when I had the chance to see what they had to offer. That chance came up last week after work when I was in the area looking for somewhere to eat and remembered this little place.
Shiok, it turns out, is a Singaporean-Chinese restaurant with a menu that caters to office yuppies around the area looking to have an affordable dinner somewhere close by before heading home. Skimming through the menu, I find out that the prices aren’t as cheap as I was expecting for a tiny eatery in the middle of a parking lot. No matter, I wanted to try their nomz anyway.
Roasted Barbecue Pork (p160) Horlicks (p55)


I ordered the Roasted Barbecue Pork with a cup of steamed rice and a glass of Horlicks drink. The pork was tasty but the serving was a bit on the small side, barely enough for sharing. The steamed rice was priced at a steep forty pesos per small cup. Their Horlicks drink is a good addition, although it was a bit watered down, there’s no other place else in the city that serves it. 

Keeping it short, Shiok isn’t a bad restaurant but the nomz were priced a tad bit too high for a restaurant that targets clients to come in everyday after work (mind you, I ordered one of the cheapest on the menu). The nomz tasted okay although the servings were a bit small for their price but Shiok is a nice little hole in the wall resto that’s good to visit once in a while after work. I’d still recommend that you try Shiok if you’re within the area (and then head over to Yogurt Nation for dessert ^^,).

Location: 0105 Forum Building, Bonifacio Stop Over, Taguig
Contact Number: (632) 466-6291


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