Singapore Street Treat – Selecta Ice Cream Sandwich

Even before the inception of this blog, I was already taking occasional snaps of nomz I’ve tried or wanted to try. It’s a good thing that I kept some of them, now I can share my past food discoveries with my readers (all three of them). Some shots were from few months ago, when I was in the lovely country of Singapore for a summer trip (primarily to check out the newly opened Universal Studios ^^,)
While walking along the famous Orchard Road, a pushcart not unlike those you can find in the streets of Manila caught my attention. My curiosity was piqued but I chose to ignore it the first time. A short distance away, there was another one. The length of Orchard road was peppered with these red trolleys! All of them bore the familiar heart logo of Selecta ice cream. I figure it was the perfect way to deal with a hot summer day (any excuse for ice cream), so I made my way to one of the carts to see what they got.
Yummy Selecta Ice Cream Sandwich (SGD1)
On the cardboard menu filled with pictures of ice cream sandwiches in different flavors, along with the typical ice cream flavors of chocolate, vanilla, and cookies & cream were a number of unusual flavors such as honeydew, durian, and jackfruit. Being my weird self, I bought a durian ice cream sandwich. The nice old man who was manning the booth took out a huge chunk of ice cream (he was wearing plastic gloves), sliced it in half, plunked the solid ice cream block in between two square wafers, and handed it to me.

The kids enjoying their treats

It was love at first bite. The wafers were wafery and the ice cream was surprisingly very flavorful. I’m told that the ice cream they use is made from fresh fruit rather than flavoring. That’s probably why the ice cream’s flavor rivaled that of an actual perfectly ripe fruit, chilled and without the hassle of seeds and the very strong smell. Needless to say, I enjoyed the ice cream sandwich very much. With many different flavors to choose from at only one Singapore dollar apiece (about 33 pesos), this street food is a cheap treat that both adults and kids will enjoy.

*I saw a Selecta booth at MOA selling pre-packed ice cream sandwiches in traditional flavors but was disappointed that it didn’t come close to the ones from the streets of Singapore.

Selecta Ice Cream Sandwich Trolleys
Location:  All over Orchard Road, Singapore ^_~


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