Stop by Eat and Go at Megamall Atrium

We’re on to yet another Monday, a rainy one at that. Going slightly off tangent from what we usually talk about in this blog, I would like to implore everybody to please try to keep indoors as much as you can and take the necessary precautions against the floods. This ominous super typhoon currently violating our country, Juan, has already claimed its first death.

After that bit of depressing news, we go back to regular programming. I’m actually here to write about Eat & Go, a cute little diner in SM Megamall that I recently discovered (I’m from the South, going to Megamall is like a field trip for me).
The storefront of Eat & Go
Taking a break from shopping (for this guy’s very cute Halloween costume, watch for it!) to find somewhere to eat a really late lunch, our feet led us to Atrium where we found Eat & Go, it’s sign brightly lit and happy-looking. The traffic stoplight theme suits the diner’s name perfectly. Another factor that made us decide to eat there instead of the many other choices in Atrium is the reasonable prices (more shopping monies, yeyz).
Ribs, chicken, fish and side dishes. Nom!
Eat & Go is like a combination of Sbarro and Kenny Rogers Roasters. They serve breads and a number of pies like Sbarro and they have meals where you pick your meat (choose from baby back ribs, roasted chicken, or fried fish) then choose from a number of sidings (pasta, corn and carrots, or baked beans) similar to the style at Kenny Rogers Roasters. All on their own, Eat & Go has a pretty good list of dishes on their menu that includes salmon and pot pies.
The cozy interior of Eat & Go

Overall, Eat & Go is a good foodie stop. I enjoyed my fish and baked beans combo and the chicken plate that my friend ordered wasn’t bad either. You’d need a budget of p200-p300 per person but for that amount you get a pretty big and filling meal in a cozy little nook of busy Megamall.

Eat & Go
Location: 3/F SM Megamall Atrium, Mandaluyong City, Metro Manila
Contact Number: (02) 635- 9559


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