Christmas Gift Ideas: Marians Home-made Empanadas

It’s Christmas season once again and with a little more than a month left before the actual day (meaning just two weeks before the dreaded Christmas rush begins), now is the perfect time to think of gift ideas for family and friends.

Food is the easiest and most practical gift to give out this Christmas season. It’s usually better than giving a friend something he won’t use or would just re-gift (admit it, you’re guilty of this too!). And gift-giving can’t get any easier than ordering baked Christmas goodies from an entrepreneurial office colleague and getting it delivered to your desk within the week.

Marian’s Home-made Empanada

The significant other‘s officemate is selling these delicious homemade empanadas in time for the Christmas season. Marian’s Home-made Empanadas comes in three flavors, namely- Tuna, Chicken Pork mix, and the best-seller, Cheese. Watch out for their new flavors of Beef, Chicken, and Pork empanadas coming really soon. 

Medium Cheese Empanada (p28/piece; p168/box of 6)

These empanadas also come in three sizes- small, medium, and large. The one in picture is a medium cheese empanada. For 28 pesos a piece, you get a hefty pastry that’s packed with filling and larger than the typical empanadas sold commercially.

The small empanadas are 18 pesos a piece, and the large ones are 48 pesos each. For a Christmas box of your choice, an additional charge of 10 pesos will be added to the total amount. Place your orders now and don’t wait for the Christmas rush. These lovely home-made empanadas make for the perfect holiday treat!

Marian’s Home-made Empanada 
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