Groupon Mania in Manila! (Part 1)

A new trend has popped up in the city recently and it’s called “groupons”. For those new to the term, a groupon is a website that offers group deal coupons. Group + coupons = groupons. That pretty much explains how it works. 

Discounts are usually given to those who buy in bulk. This is why when you get three pairs of shoes at Greenhills, you get each pair for less than if you just get one. But what if you don’t need three pairs of shoes and want to get it for a lower price? That’s where groupons come in. The beauty of groupons is that you get deals at bulk rates (a lot of deals are restaurant discount coupons) but you don’t have to buy in bulk. Members of the groupon site can avail of the day’s offer, collectively meeting the minimum number of buyers to be able to get it at bulk prices. Ingenious, ain’t it?

Groupons are quite popular internationally, with the original website serving many cities in the United States, but it was not until this year that our country has caught on to this craze. To my knowledge, there are only three active local groupon sites as of now (and one just opened today!) but I’m pretty sure many more will pop up soon enough.

These are the pioneer groupon sites of Manila-

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This site is my current personal favorite. They’ve been around the longest too (among those I know of). Their name has quite a nice ring to it and is most certainly very Filipino. Their website is nice and simple, almost monochromatic, and their ordering and payment scheme is secure enough. I’ve been seeing good deals from them since they started. I’ve tried a few and I’m satisfied with their service.

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Theirs is a much happier looking site, with blues and reds as the main hues of their page. They usually have very interesting offers but I have yet to avail of one. An interesting feature of Cash Cash Pinoy is that you can choose to get a coupon as a gift for a friend.

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This predominantly green groupon site launched recently and they’ve caused quite a stir. Their first deal costed only 24 pesos for a spa massage at a 92% savings. That’s probably the biggest discount I’ve seen so far as well as the cheapest. I’m definitely looking out for their next deal.
Another groupon site that has launched just today is-
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Today’s deal, their very first deal, is a bit too expensive for an initial offering. They’re offering a 35% discount for a entrepreneurship training that will cost 2599 pesos. Still, Presyong Patok seems promising. Their name sort of sounds like a game from a local noontime show. Presyong Patok has a very yellow theme. Notice how all four groupon sites have a very different look and feel? 

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Tips for a successful groupon buy:

  • Read the offer carefully. Don’t just get blinded by what’s written in bold lettering, the fine print is very important too. Take the time to read it through twice so you know what exactly you’re gonna get.
  • Before you click “Buy”, think if you really want to get it. There’s no turning back after you’ve clicked “Finish”. It’s an actual sale.
  • Make sure that your purchase is secure. Be careful when giving out your credit card details, you might become a victim of a scam (although the groupon sites listed here are all legit).


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