Jupiter Archives #2: Veggie Delights at Corner Tree Cafe

Like I said in the Lutong Macau review, the first post for Jupiter Archives, one of my foodie goals for this year is to try as many restaurants along Jupiter Street in Makati before the year ends.
And this is why I’ve been dragging this poor guy to Jupiter Street nearly every Friday night. He’s been a good sport so far, humoring my regular requests to find unusual restaurants to dine at. (Thanks, doll.) We usually just cruise along the bright and busy street and stop at whatever restaurant that catches our attention.
The nondescript storefront of Corner Tree Cafe
Last Friday night, we already had restaurant in mind when we saw the dimly lit restaurant (it looks a bit bright in the picture, but that’s only because I adjusted the levels) across the street and decided to eat there instead, just because. The quaint little corner store turned out to be the vegetarian restaurant called Corner Tree Cafe.
In contrast to all the other restaurants that lined the street, Corner Tree Cafe had very low lighting which made the space look cozy and inviting. The area had a romantic feel to it, with easy music filling your ears,  candles lit on the table, a little nook in one corner where you can read magazines and books, and very few Friday night guests. (The only other party present had a super cute, well behaved and bright eyed pomeranian puppy with them.) 
Greek Spinach Filo Triangles with Feta Cheese Dip (p150)
Once we got settled in, we had a look through the menu and it was only then that we realized that Corner Tree Cafe is a vegetarian restaurant. Neither of us are vegetarians, but we do like our greens. 
We started the dinner off with the Greek Spinach Filo Triangles that came with a feta cheese dip. The spinach had a hint of tartness to it, was wrapped in triangular filo dough (same dough used for baclava and flaky pie crusts), and baked to a nice soft crunch. It’s a bit pricey at 50 pesos per triangle but it’s lovely.
Main course-
Kare Kareng Gulay (p160)
A week ago, I was picking at the kare kare I ordered from another place, removing the meats and keeping just the vegetables when I expressed my sentiment that restaurants should serve kare kare with just vegetables in it.
It was like someone heard me say it, because on the menu of Corner Tree Cafe, I found exactly what I wished for. They had Kare Kareng Gulay that comes with a cup of red rice and bagoong at an affordable price of 160 pesos. The meal comes in a medium-sized bowl filled with all the vegetables that I like swimming in nutty kare kare sauce. Yummy!
Bowl of Chili (p245)
My date ordered the Bowl of Chili. It comes with a big bowlful of beans, corn kernels, a dash of unidentified vegetables, herbs and spices in slightly spicy tomato-based sauce and a cup of red rice. Although it would have been nice if it also had some ground beef in it (of course it wouldn’t, it’s a vegetarian restaurant!), the chili was rather good.


The homey interior of Corner Tree Cafe
The interior of the cafe gives off a relaxing vibe. The decor, the music, and the lights set a very romantic mood. If you and your date are vegetarian or you just simply enjoy vegetarian dishes, this is the place to go. The prices are affordable, the ambiance is sweet, the service is good, and the nomz are fantastic- in short, Corner Tree Cafe is the perfect date place (unless of course if you hate vegetables). Also, any restaurant that allows guests with supervised pets gets two thumbs up in my book.
Corner Tree Cafe
Location: 150 Jupiter St. Bel-Air, Makati
Contact Number: (02) 897-0295
Other Info: Corner Tree Cafe Facebook page 

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  1. alvin, kid repetitive

    When my mom cooks kare-kare, she seperates the vegetables from the meat, para hindi malamog yung veggies. The peanut sauce is mixed with the meat though :p


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