KFC Double Down is the Talk of the Town

Everyone’s been talking about it since it was launched locally just last Friday. I just had to see what all the hype was about so I dialed 887-8888, KFC’s delivery hotline, and had a KFC Double Down delivered for lunch today. And yes, my arteries have survived the onslaught of cholesterol and are fine for now, thank you.
So what’s the fuss all about? Why is everyone lining up over at Colonel Sanders famous fastfood chain to get a KFC Double Down or two? Check out this week’s talk of the town-
KFC Double Down (p100 over the counter; p110 if delivered)
KFC’s latest item on the menu, the KFC Double Down Sandwich is a sandwich with no bread at all. What it has is strips of bacon smeared with a dollop of mayonnaise and melted cheese sandwiched between two juicy slabs of glorious KFC Chicken fillets. And as expected, the Double Down did not disappoint.
The heavy sandwich is an overload of rich flavors- the taste of the chicken seasoned with KFC’s secret recipe combined with the flavorful trio of mayo, cheese and bacon tastes like a delicious party in your mouth. A party not unlike those drinking parties you enjoyed but regretted as soon as you wake up with a headache the following morning. This new food craze is not recommended for the weak of heart. Literally.
There’s no denying that it’s not an ideal healthy snack, its ingredients spell h-e-a-r-t-a-t-t-a-c-k-i-n-t-e-n-m-i-n-u-t-e-s. But if you’re young and healthy, go for it, the KFC Double Down Sandwich is undoubtedly yummy and addicting. Call KFC Delivery now and don’t be the last one to try this delicious treat!
KFC Delivery Hotline
Contact Number: 887-8888
Other Info: -a minimum order of p200 is required
-the delivery charge is 10% of the total amount
-waiting time is 30 minutes or less

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  1. kuya k

    Okay, so I had one yesterday at KFC, at the NCCC Mall branch. Surprise, surprise! Instead of bacon, they put in chicken ham instead. And I was, HUUUUUUUH? (insert picture of me here with jaw dropped and eyebrow raised)

    When the DD (that's Double Down, not the size of a ….) finally arrived, what struck me most was: the plain slab of cheese and the white chicken ham. Such a disappointment to the image of melted cheese and luscious crispy bacon in between. LoL

    Taste? I don't think I need to say what's already been said. Hahaha

    I am now in search of the the perfect DD, with melted cheese and bacon in between!

  2. abumelt

    WOOT? That's weird. Maybe Davao's out of bacon? But I don't think they're allowed to change the ingredients or replace them with anything, they're a franchise after all. You can sue maybe? Or complain at least?

    Although, I'd have to burst your bubble, the bacon isn't crispy at all.

  3. kuya k

    Hmm.. Maybe so they could offer that to our Muslim brothers… I think every KFC store in Davao is putting in chicken ham instead of bacon.

    I think I'd take Ate Ching's suggestion.

    Buy KFC Double Down.
    Buy bacon at grocery.
    Go home and cook bacon.
    Eat Double Down with bacon and ham! LoL


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