Pindang Damulag ng Pampanga

Having Kapampangan relatives sure has its perks. For one, they’re fantastic cooks. Two, Kapampangans never run out of stories. And three, they love to party! Combine all these and you get lots of fun (and loud) gatherings where many delicious nomz are served.

We just had a very Kapampangan reunion a couple weeks ago and like usual, it was full, it was noisy (the good kind), and the food was yummy! There were, of course, many delightful dishes served then (my favorite was the alimango and the suman salihiya but that’s another story altogether), but what was new to me was this curious meat served in a bilao that looked to me like tocino.
Pindang damulag
Without asking anyone what it was, I put some on my then pretty full plate to try (home buffet lunches make me inadvertently eat more than usual o_O). It was definitely not tocino. What I was expecting to be the familiar sweet, slightly salty and chewy cured pork meat turned out to be quite sour and squishy soft meat (with a consistency not unlike sushi).

About this time, the older folks were laughing at the sour face I made. Then they said that what I just ate is actually called Pindang Damulag. I had no idea what that was so they had to explain that this particular dish from Pampanga is made from thinly sliced carabao meat, cured with vinegar and a host of other seasonings. Best served with sliced tomatoes on the side.

I admit that I didn’t like it at first, possibly because I was looking for the taste of tocino when I had my first bite and was met with gooey sourness instead. Eventually, the taste of the sour Pindang Damulag grew on me and I thought it went well with steaming white rice and sliced fresh tomatoes.


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    I really need the recipe so badly.. Please help me!! There is no way i can taste it again unless i'll make my own… Please… Please.. Please….. :)))))


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