Rediscovered Love for Tapa King

Tapa King has been around for quite a while. I remember taking a break from sleepless college thesis nights, walking to the nearest 24-hour Tapa King branch (just across the street from the condo), getting an order of the spicy Tapa Queen, and enjoying the fifteen-minute break from programming. Since then, partly because of logistics (no branch within a walking distance from my house), I’ve stopped making Tapa King a midnight habit.
Just recently, because of a snafu with dinner reservations (including a power outage), I ended up on a date in Tapa King at the cozy complex of Santana Grove, Sucat. That night turned out better than it would have been had the original plans pushed through. That night has made me rediscover my past love for the royals of the tapa world.
Not much has changed from the red and white-themed fastfood restaurant. The prices have slightly increased, but all the rest- the menu, the interior, and the table settings are nearly the same as it was years and years ago. One thing that’s new(-ish) on the menu is the Tapa Flakes-
Tapa Flakes (p130)
A change of pace from the typical tapa, Tapa Flakes is shredded bits of the classic Tapa King tapa fried to a light crisp and served with sinigang, fried egg, and a side of tomatoes and onions. It was delicious and it’s become a current favorite but the highlight of that meal wasn’t the tapa. What stole the show instead was the hot, chocolatey and homey champorado
Tapa King’s Champorado (p50)
Champorado is breakfast nomz for most, but because nights are much cooler now that it’s closer to the yearend, a hot bowl full of this chocolatey snack seemed like a perfect match for the night. And perfect it was. I know I rave quite a lot more than average but this champorado is seriously the best champorado available commercially.

The Tapa King champorado is nothing like the instant champorado, those watery ones with a bit of cocoa added as an  afterthought that they pass off as the real thing. This is like the champorado that your lola made for breakfast back when you were a kid and requested to make more chocolatey- but better. At Tapa King, you can have a bowl of hot, chocolatey champorado at anytime of the day without hassling your grandma. Tapa King is the best!


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  1. abumelt

    @ofsheepandclouds: Because it was so good, I ordered one more to take home but it became watery the next day though. 🙁

    @hottitin: Nope, the champorado was awesome all on its own.


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