Thanks to Metrobank, Thursdays are North Park Days

Do you have a Metrobank credit card? If so, you’d be happy to know that by using your credit card, you can claim your North Park’s Special Toasted Noodles every Thursday for free.
North Park’s Special Toasted Noodles (p235) (Picture not mine, taken from here)
How? Just order anything on the menu that has the same amount (or greater) as the  North Park Special Toasted Noodles, and you’ll get the noodles for free. It’s like a buy-one-get-one deal! The promo has been running for a while now but it seems to be little known. But I can guarantee that it’s still ongoing- the first time I availed of it was in July and the last time was just yesterday.
North Park has always been a favorite because there are branches everywhere, the prices are affordable,  and the nomz are good. With this Metrobank deal, it has now become even more so. Because of the promo, North Park dinners are becoming a regular Thursday habit.

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