The Village Coffeeshop and their Delightful Custard Cake

Because I’m usually content basking in the comforts of my own home, very rarely do I get the chance to stroll around the neighborhood (who needs sunlight?). Having a hyperactive puppy has changed that, Bugsy needs his exercise and wants to be walked every so often.


It was during one of these walks when I found out about the village coffee shop called 1021 Coffeeshop & Bakeshop at the small village complex next to the park and the chapel. I was curious, so the little puppy and I stopped by one time to have a quick snack. We enjoyed their coffee and cake slices immensely and I ended up buying a whole custard cake, one of their bestsellers.
1021 Bakeshop & Coffeeshop’s Custard Cake (p200)
For 200 pesos, you get a large round custard cake neatly packed in a cream-colored box (ready for gifting!). Every person who visited the house that weekend was served a slice and they all liked it very much. I personally adore this delightful cake (that’s best served with coffee!). The cake base is light but solid, not too sweet and perfectly spongy and the cool layer of creamy custard (tasted like good leche flan to me!) on top added to the cake’s sweetness.
This would be  perfect with coffee
Besides custard cake, 1021 Coffeeshop & Bakery also sells a very affordable, homemade blueberry cheesecake, egg pie, brazo de mercedes, and a number of breads and pastries. They also have coffees of different blends and flavors, also sold at very fair prices. Their custard cake (which I call leche flan cake) is a delighful find that has become a personal favorite. Who knew I’d find a fantastic little coffeeshop with lovely cakes during a walk in the park?
1021 Coffeeshop & Bakeshop
Location: Marcelo Green Village Complex, Bicutan Paranaque

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