Thinking of Plump and Juicy Bangkok Lanzones

After dinner tonight, I was kind of looking for something tangy for dessert. Then I remembered last week’s lanzones. My tita who flies to Bangkok regularly for business recently came back from a trip and straight from the airport, she brought us bunches of these very large lanzones pictured below. The fruits were cleaned right away and served in a basket to nom over chitchat.
Bangkok Lanzones (25 baht/kilo)
And nom we did. The fruits were plump, juicy and sweet as can be. We finished several bowls of Bangkok lanzones among five of us really, really quickly. Just like Pringles, once you pop, you can’t stop! Because it’s so easy to eat and it’s delicious, you wouldn’t notice that you’ve eaten a bunch already. (It’s healthy anyway. :P)Β 
Bangkok lanzones are bigger than any I’ve seen here. They’re also plumper than I’m used to, with smallish seeds and a good sized chunk of flesh per fruit. My tita bought it at 25 baht per kilo or 37.50 pesos per kilo, much cheaper than the good ones from here.


Fruits from Bangkok, like most of their nomz, are usually tastier (and worth the money) than their local counterparts, I can’t really explain why. More than a shopping haven, to me, Bangkok is a place where you get to satisfy gastronomic urges. I can’t wait to do reviews of Bangkok nomz someday soon!

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