Vegetables and Pizza Dont Go Together. Or Do They?

Before gettting blindsided by crepes the other day, it was pizza that we were after. And soon as dessert was done, we headed to Yellow Cab to order a pie. Their newest offering is the Dear Darla pizza- a nearly vegetarian pizza featuring aragula leaves and alfalfa sprouts as toppings.

Now I like vegetables more than your average joe, but a “vegetarian pizza” sounds a bit off to me. I like my pizzas as meaty as possible and was apprehensive when presented with this thin crust pizza sparsely topped with olives, tomoatoes, onions, cheese and a bit of pepperoni, all ready to be rolled with fresh vegetables. We bought an 18 inch pie for only 635 pesos, good enough for six.

Yellow Cab’s Dear Darla pizza (p635 for an 18 inch pie)
*veggies in a separate container

The name is a reference to the characters from the 90s movie The Little Rascals, Alfalfa and his crush, the very cute Darla whom he liked writing very winsome love letters for. The pizza they were named for is unlike any other in Yellow Cab. The pie is sliced into thin rectangular pieces so you can top it with aragula leaves, then sprinkle with alfalfa sprouts, and roll.

Sprinkle veggies.. ..and roll!

You then bite into the unique pizza roll and savor the goodness of Yellow Cab pizza together with the added crunch of green leafy vegetables. While the presentation is unusual, the taste is superb. It’s the same old Yellow Cab pizza goodness that we love with the added crunch of aragula leaves and alfalfa sprouts.

The flavor of the pizza toppings overpowered that of the vegetables so that you barely notice that you’re eating greens. While the leafy taste is hardly noticeable, the distinctive crunch that the vegetables give surprisingly goes well with the pizza. Fresh vegetables and pizza is a combo that I never thought would work, but it does. Yellow Cab’s Dear Darla pizza is fantastic. Also, it makes me one feel less guilty about eating pizza because of the vegetables.

Yellow Cab Pizza
Delivery Hotline: 789-9999

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