Yummy Christmas Goodies At KunehoCrafts

UPDATE: KunehoCrafts Christmas Goodies Price List is now up.  

Only a few weeks left before Christmas and once again, I’m still not quite done with my shopping. Every year, I resolve to have my gifts ready before the Christmas rush begins but each and every time, I hit a snag somehow and end up joining the throng of last minute shoppers, elbowing my way through the frantic crowd.

I actually still have no idea whatsoever what to give some people (wish everyone had wishlists, including my mother). At least I already know what I’m getting my friends, that’s one thing off my list. If we’re friends, I’m getting you some special Christmas goodies from KunehoCrafts (surprise!).

Bunnies make the best desserts
KunehoCrafts makes the most delicious desserts (guaranteed!) and they’re offering some of their more famous concoctions for Christmas this year. The specialty, and also the bestseller, is the very festive Christmas Candy Cookies-
Nothing says Christmas like red and green

Christmas Candy Cookies, according to the official Facebook album, are sweet, melt-in-your mouth cookies with real candy cane pieces, chocolate chips, and walnuts (optional). A festive treat for kids and kids at heart this holiday season. I’ve had some of these treats before and they’re fantastic. I’ve a soft spot for candy canes, specially at Christmastime, and these are like candy cane cookies. Yum!

KunehoCrafts’ Chococheesecake brownies

KunehoCrafts also have fudgy Chococheesecake Brownies- The perfect marriage of cheesecake and chocolate brownies! Soft, dense and super fudgy, these brownies are made doubly good by genrous dollops and swirls of rich cheesecake. I don’t know about you, but that sounds good to me.

Candied Ginger in Chocolate

Ginger in chocolate? Yup, that’s right. Weird? Wait until you try it- A spicy, unnusual treat to warm up the holidays! Real ginger bits, sliced paper-thin and candied before being dipped in milk or dark chocolate. Savor the smooth flavor of the candy before getting a delightful bite of spice in the center of the confection.

Chocochip & Oatmeal Cookies

Like hot chocolate on Christmas morning, KunehoCrafts’ Chocochip & Oatmeal Cookie is simply a classic- soft, chewy cookies with chocolate chips, rolled oats, and walnuts. Together with a glass of milk, this is the perfect Christmas snack. Geez, just writing about it makes me wish I had some now.

KunehoCrafts goodies come in boxes of six, decorated specially for christmas, ready and perfect for gifting. For a complete list of KunehoCrafts goodies, price inquiries and other details, head over to the KunehoCrafts Facebook Album (or if you’re shy, you can contact me through here and I’ll pass on the message). Have an early merry Christmas, loves!

KunehoCrafts Christmas Goodies
Contact Number: 0917 8166772, look for Ms. Lianne
Other Info: Kuneho Crafts Facebook Album


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