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It’s almost the new year and I’m still sitting in front of the computer. Lulz, that’s the story of this year’s holidays for me. Just last night at a party, I shied away from the festivities for a bit, work kept me in my little corner with just a bottle of beer for company (yes, I’m a kill joy). Not that I’m complaining, welcoming the new year having a job is a good thing. 
This year was a pretty good year, BaconTunaMelt was created on a whim and we’ve been writing about nomz ever since (and fattening ourselves up in the process). We hope to up the ante next year and feature more nomz (yay!). Instead of making resolutions to change things up for the new year, here at BaconTunaMelt, we will resolve to make the effort to nom at these three fabulous restaurants in 2011.
1. Van Gogh is Bipolar
This unusual restaurant has been in my nomlist for a while now. The owner-slash-chef-slash-bipolar of Van Gogh is Bipolar personally offers a different menu every day and cooks the meals himself and makes up interesting names for them. 
Photo taken from http://www.rochellesychua.com/
Who wouldn’t want to try Hitler’s Four-Course Holocaust or Janice Dickenson’s Glorious Mouth or the very famous Mel Gibson’s Darkest Sin? You can only get these at Van Gogh is Bipolar. The dining area is actually the owner’s condominium unit in Sikatuna Village in Quezon City which he opens to guests and diners from 6-10pm everyday except Tuesdays (dunno why).
2. Ryuma Ramen
Ryuma, pronounced as “rayuma” (yes, like the old person affliction) is an authentic Japanese restaurant in the far South that comes highly recommended by a friend. Ryuma is a chain of Japanese stores in Paseo de Sta. Rosa with a convenience store and a supermarket besides the restaurant. Rheena (who has nothing but praises for the place) says that the food is superb the prices are reasonable. You get to experience authentic Japanese cooking because the chefs are Japanese.
Photo from http://flowersblooms-elvierose.blogspot.com/
Good thing Comicology still owes me a roadtrip (hrhrhr). We’ll have to make the trip to Sta. Rosa one of these days just for this pitstop.

3. The Room Upstairs

Photo taken from http://asuntarufino.blogspot.com/
This relatively unknown establishment called The Room Upstairs in LRI Building on Nicanor Garcia Street is actually a furniture shop that just doubles as a cafe. The beautiful photos of the cafe from this blog has enticed me to find the restaurant and try their unusual setting. The cafe serves salads, pastas, desserts and coffee and the furniture in which you dine at. Sweet, huh?
And those are BaconTunaMelt’s goals for the year that’ll start in just half an hour. Here’s to a new year filled with more bacon, tuna, and all kinds of fabulous nomz! Happy 2011 to you and yours!
For new year’s eve, my small family usually waits up until media noche and then we stay in the terrace watching the ruckus all around us until the neighbors’ fireworks supply have been depleted. Then we’d sit before a simple spread with a few light dishes, a couple of desserts and several round-shaped fruits (for good luck or long life, I forget which). How will you spend tonight?

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  1. abumelt

    @JP Hays: They do, don't they? I swear, I'd have tried them all before the year ends. I've got 12 more months to go anyway. πŸ˜›

    @alvin: Sa birthday mo dali! Sama kami. ~_~


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