(Blue) Alley Gator of Makati

Finally! Things have been crazy insane lately that I haven’t been updating BaconTunaMelt as much as I wanted to. Are you guys done with your Christmas shopping? It seems that no matter how early in the year I start, I always end up doing some last minute gift buying. Owell, at least it translates to me being out more days in the week and giving me more opportunities to try new nomz! It all works out in the end. *wink*
After a day of marathon shopping, our famished selves needed nourishment. Lots of it. As soon as we plopped down our bags, we headed to this place called Alley Gator. This post will be all about this nearby bar and grill along Dela Rosa street in Makati that we’ve always driven by but have never tried before (and not an unusually colored reptile that’s loose in the city like the title suggests).
Looky, Alley Gator is next to Citiland
Although not too accessible (the area is mostly residential, away from the busy night spots of Makati), the restaurant has started to make a name for itself and has become a regular hangout for a lot of people. When we were there, the entire ground floor was reserved for a Christmas party and we had to find a table upstairs. It turned out to be a good thing because the night was pleasantly cool and it was less crowded.
Not wanting to waste any time (we were really hungry), we browsed through their menu and ordered quickly. Here be the nomz for the hungry-
Alley Gator’s Liempo (p99 +/-)
Alley Gator’s Calamares (p120 +/-)
Alley Gator’s Fried Chicken (p120 +/-)
Alley Gator’s Sinigang (p220 +/-)
It’s Christmas and festive decors are up, right next to our table were the brightly lit and shocking blue Christmas lights that gave everything around us an eerie bluish glow. That’s why everything looks blue. While the menu is similar to more popular bar and grills like Gerry’s Grill or Dencio’s or Gilligan’s Island, the prices at Alley Gator are a tad cheaper (so you can order moar, yay!).

Special mention goes to the calamares- the coating isn’t too thick nor too hard and the squid is soft and tender. I’m declaring them to be the best calamares in town! And they’re cheap too!

Alley Gator
Location: 7665 De la Rosa Street, Pio Del Pilar, Makati
Contact Numbers: (632) 817-3009

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