Have a Taste of Binondo in Makati at Dragon Wok

It’s almost over, but the dreary Monday blues is still wreaking havoc on my otherwise relaxed and well-rested state of mind that’s still stuck on the weekend. Pardon today’s less than cheerful account of a nomstop*, I’ll try to cheer up along the way (derrishuz nomz usually do teh trickxxorz).


Sometime last week, I headed to Parksquare (the unofficial electronics complex of Makati) after work to canvas for Christmas prices of electronics. After a few hours of walking (and realizing that I can’t afford an HTC Desire), the call of the bottomless pit that is my stomach was too loud to ignore and we had to find a place to grab dinner from.
The regular sized version of the Dragon Wok menu
Near one of the exits of the mall is a floor to ceiling banner of the menu of Dragon Wok restaurant. The prices seemed reasonable, at the 100 to 150 pesos range so we decided to give it a go.
A far cry from the modern and/or fancy ambiance of most restaurants in the area, Dragon Wok’s interior was basic, to say the least. They had white walls, simple sturdy tables and practical chairs. The servers were in white shirts and hairnets with no catchy phrase to welcome you, the kitchen is plain, with no frills, no useless decor, just cookware. It reminded me of Chinese restaurants in Binondo.
Sipa Jr. (p68)
Now if the interior of the restaurant is similar to that of authentic Chinese restaurants, would the food taste as good? That’s what we wanted to find out. Dragon Wok has two sets of menus, one is the regular menu, with food in sizes good enough for sharing and the other menu is the junior menu, with food good enough for an individual diner. We ordered from the cheaper menu.
The first thing we tried was the restaurant’s bestseller called Sipa. It seriously took me a while before I figured out that it was named after the the Pinoy street game because the dumplings are shaped like the triangular shaped toy we used to play with. The Sipa from Dragon Wok is a dumpling of sweet and saucy ground pork twisted in a wrapper and fried to a golden crisp. I loved it, it went well with the vinegar and soy sauce that it came with and the Young Chow Fried Rice (that’s how it was spelled on the menu)

Spicy Shrimps (p125)

We also ordered a junior serving of the Spicy Shrimps. Fried battered shrimps with a sweet and spicy dip. It was okay, not bad, a tad salty maybe, but my main gripe about it is that the serving was too little for the price. There were only about 3 or 5 small shrimps for a 125 peso order. Because there wasn’t enough of it to go around, we got an additional dish to tide us over.

Garlic Chicken Jr.Β  (p99)

An extra order made the nomz enough for two. Dragon Wok’s Garlic chicken is fried chicken in garlic sauce. This order had several pieces of chunky chicken swimming in brownish garlic sauce. Together with the Young Chow Fried Rice (p101), it was a hot meal that felt almost authentic, nearly Binondo-style. Dragon Wok nomz is a good place to go to if you’re looking for a Binondo-type restaurant right dab smack in the middle of the Central Business District.

Dragon Wok
Location: G/F Parksquare 1 Mall, Makati City
Contact Number: (02) 818-1016
Other Info:


*nomstop – like a pitstop, but for noms instead of fuel

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