McDonalds of the World: Twisty Pasta in Hong Kong

Haven’t gone outside the country for the longest time nor am I scheduled for a trip anytime soon (which is a bummer because I really want to feature in flight meals) but luckily, I have friends who travel abroad regularly. So as a follow up to the first post in this McDonald’s of the World series, I asked my friend Alvin, who was recently on a trip to Hongkong (to be a kid again), to take pictures of whatever unusual thing he can find on the McDonald’s menu there.

McDonald’s of the World: Hong Kong
He did me one better by trying some of the food and taking as many pictures as he can! Awesome! Thanks to Alvin, Kid Repetitive, we have a second serving of McDonald’s of the World, Hong Kong edition. Here are some of the pictures that he took of the menu-

Zomg, Double Sausage McMuffin! NOM!
Twisty Pasta is the “in” thing
See what I mean?
Instead of Apple Pie, they have Red Bean Pie
McDonald’s’ in Hongkong have more burger choices

The menu is in Chinese, with English translations in a smaller font size. Compared to the menu here in the Philippines, there are more choices, even healthier ones. Twisty Pasta seems to be the current trend in Hongkong and they have different variations of it, even on the breakfast menu. I thought it best to summarize all the different items on the menu and their prices, converted to Philippine peso (based on the current exchange rate from Google [1 Hong Kong dollar = 5.67046006 Philippine pesos]).

Menu Ala Cart
In Pesos With Meal
In Pesos
Ham + Egg Cheesy Twisty Pasta $19.30 109.44 $24.50 138.93
Sausage + Egg Cheesy Twisty Pasta $19.30 109.44 $24.50 138.93
Double Sausage McMuffin with Egg $16.80 95.26 $23.00 130.42
Hotcakes with Sausage $14.50 82.22 $19.50 110.57
Sausage N’ Egg Twisty Pasta $17.30 98.10 $22.50 127.59
Grilled Chicken With Twisty Pasta $19.70 111.71 $24.50 138.93
Red Bean Pie $6 34.02
Grilled Chicken Burger $16.80 95.26 $28.00 158.77
Big N’ Tasty $18.10 102.64 $28.00 158.77


Converted to peso, I’d say the prices are not bad at all, specially if you consider that the fries and drink that come with the meals are bigger than the ones we have here. Everything looks good! Or at least, better and healthier than the choices we have here. Although, of course, nomz usually look amazing in pictures. Here they are in real life-
Grilled Chicken Twisty Pasta
Tomato Seafood Soup
Spicy Chicken Wings
Although the Twisty Pasta looks a little less appetizing compared to the ad, most still look pretty darn good to me. Specially those chicken wings. Nom.
ZOMG, Christmas is right around the corner! Have a merry one, filled with good cheer and yummy nomz!

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  1. alvin, kid repetitive

    We ate there for breakfast and saktong they were changing their menus to the regular food choices kaya we were able to order both breakfast and regular food.

    Halfway-eaten na yung Grilled Chicken Twisty Pasta when I took a picture of it, haha. Someone else also ordered a grilled chicken sandwich, kaya lang naubos na niya when I took out my cam :p

  2. J P Hays

    Honestly, I miss the McDonald's in the Philippines. Sure, the portions were a little smaller, but everything was much tastier. Over here (in the United States) all the burgers taste like grease. The only items I can eat there are the McChicken and some of the breakfast items. Plus, I loved the fried chicken and spaghetti in the Philippines.

    Merry christmas!

  3. abumelt

    @alvin: I actually forgot to ask you how much the Tomato Seafood soup was. 😀 Thanks though, for all the pics. ^^,

    @jp hays: You should also try, if you haven't yet, ChickenJoy from Jollibee. If you like McChicken, you'll like this too (maybe even a little better).


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