Nomz of the Christmas Past

Hi guys! How was Christmas for everyone? It’s seems to have gone by like a blur this year, no? It seems like only yesterday when I bid my officemates a jaunty “See you next year!” with thoughts of a long vacation (and unlimited sleep) up ahead. Yesterday, it hit me that it’s only a few days until the new year. Sometimes, I feel like time is like sand in my hands, slipping between the cracks of my fingers.
I’m being melodramatic and this is no time for that! It’s Christmas for god’s sake! We still have a few more hurrahs (and a lot more merrymaking) before we say hello to the new year. This post-Christmas post will be about some of the nomz I’ve come across these past few days.
Rheinhessen 2009 Riesling SpΓ€tlese
Although bought in Singapore, this white wine that we had recently at a family friend’s home is distinctly German. This light and fruity sparkling drink has a low 10.0% alcohol content (still higher than beer, kids). Try not to drink a whole bottle at a Christmas party, you don’t want to be buzzed and making passes at your grandma. 
They say that white wine generally goes well with a meal of steamed fish or chicken but I find that I only enjoy the sparkling kind paired with small talk and/or cheese.
Watermelon basket!
This amazing watermelon basket was artfully carved by a family friend who works for a hotel restaurant. I don’t know about you, but the presentation makes the fresh fruit dessert more appetizing than if it had just been in a bowl. Behind the basket is another carved watermelon that served as decor for the fresh fruit dessert spread on Christmas day.
Warm chestnuts
Once I see chestnuts being sold by the kilo (at a very steep price of p250+/- per kilo) on the streets, I know the holiday season has begun. The aroma of roasted chestnuts triggers good memories of past Christmases, making me excited for the holidays ahead.
Bailey, Comicology‘s family dog, becomes an excited little puppy whenever there are chestnuts in the house. She loves the stuff. Perhaps it reminds her of happy Christmases too. :o)
Christmas halo-halo
One of the better ideas I’ve seen this year is halo-halo as a Christmas dessert. Sure, we can get halo-halo at any time of the year (Hello, Chowking!), but it’s still a special treat whenever and wherever. Besides, it’s easy to lay out jars of the different toppings for guests to serve themselves dessert. Plus, you can pick only the toppings you prefer, without having to waste the toppings you don’t like. I put mostly langka, nata de coco, and ube in my cup and I loved, loved, loved it. I’m doing this for our Christmas celebration next year (lechon too)!
Sorry if this post is all over the place! Can’t seem to organize my thoughts very well today, I’m still on a holiday high. Anyhoots, I’m going to go back to being a Christmas bum for now. Enjoy the rest of the holidays, everyone! 
Tell us about your holiday nomz, post a comment below!

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  1. alvin, kid repetitive

    Puto bumbong! Bakit nga ba tuwing pasko season lang lumalabas yung mga gumagawa ng puto bumbong near churches? Don't they realize that they have a market (me) kahit hindi pasko?

  2. abumelt

    @alvin: Oonga, bakit ba sobrang sarap ng bagong luto na puto bumbong pag tapos ng simbang gabi? At least you can get puto bumbong on any given day at Via Mare when you get the craving and it's not Christmas. πŸ˜€

    @sydneylyn: IKR? Although I can't imagine myself being able to carve something that nice.

  3. abumelt

    ^ According to MunchPunch, p65 daw. Sbeen a while since I last ate there. Their bibingka is also awesomexxorz, I tells ya!

    Pero, tama ka. Iba pa rin yung puto bumbong sa kalsada sa Pasko.


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