Yogi Berry is the Cheapest Froyo in Town!

If frozen yogurt was the hottest dessert in town a year ago, today froyo shops don’t get as much hype anymore, and are sometimes even ignored. The market has become saturated, with frozen yogurt available in just about any corner of most malls in the city. Froyo shops now seek to differentiate themselves from the crowd.
In my opinion, a big factor in the decline of the frozen yogurt consumers is the price. Most shops sell their yogurt at 20-25 pesos per ounce, which can get expensive once you heap on the extras on top of the yogurt. A 6 ounce cup (just about average) would cost 150 pesos at 25 pesos/ounce. That’s a bit too much for dessert for the regular diner on a day-to-day basis.
Most affordable froyo in town
And here comes Yogi Berry, a new froyo shop that recently opened in Greenbelt 1 mall in Ayala, we froyo lovers don’t have to spend as much for the good stuff. Yogi Berry offers their frozen yogurt at only 15 pesos per ounce. That’s the cheapest I’ve seen so far!
And cheap doesnt mean getting a less than a good deal. Their shop is cute and classy, with lilac being the main color theme of the shop. Their dispensers are stainless and decorated with various cartoony bears in different shades of happy. The countertop also has a wide selection of toppings from candy sprinkles to cherries to syrups in many flavors, all neatly arranged in clean jars with individual scoopers.
When I first went there, cute pink and lilac balloons were propped up all over the area, to celebrate the branch’s soft opening. The Yogi Berry’s servers are friendly and welcoming, and invited us to try their different flavors that include taro, strawberry, banana, cranberry, among others.
Part of the fun in getting frozen yogurt is heaping everything you want into your cup. At Yogi Berry, there was plenty of space to have fun- you get to use the dispensers to pour out your yogurt, you also get to scoop spoonfuls of any topping you want in any combination. And we did just that.
Banna froyo on the left, strawberry on the right
We went crazy and sampled all of their flavors. Bim finally decided to get banana flavored froyo sprinkled with corn flakes, candy sprinkles and topped off with a cherry, while I got myself a cup of strawberry flavored froyo with mini marshmallows and corn flakes. And both were great!
Yogi Berry frozen yogurt is cool and sour and fun all at the same time, just like frozen yogurt should be. Our bill came to about 160 pesos for BOTH cups with at least 5 to 6 ounces each (for that amount, I’d get only one cup in other shops). The best thing about it is that I didn’t notice anything different from the shops that charge so much more for their froyo. Now we can all get frozen yogurt on a regular basis without leaving a hole in our pockets.
Yogi Berry
Location: G/F, Greenbelt 1 Mall, Ayala Center, Makati
Get why the froyo shop is called Yogi Berry?

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