2011: Year of the Stuffed Burger

It all started last year with the strong launch of KFC’s Double Down. The buzz was electric months before it was released in the country, and as soon as it was available, hordes of people lined up at the counters to get themselves a piece of the chicken-on-bacon-on-chicken creation.
Because of this trend of creative and unusual burgers, BurgerBusiness.com is declaring 2011 to be the Year of the Stuffed Burger. According to them, we should expect fast food restos to come up with something like the Double Down, but more complicated (not to mention heart-stopping). They seem to know what they’re saying because today, I got wind of the news of the very first stuffed burger of the year- Burger King’s Jalapeno and Cheddar Stuffed Steakhouse.
In it, not on it!”
For only US$3.99 (Php175.99), burger-lovers get a thick slab of juicy burger patty infused with cheese and jalapeño bits and topped off with creamy poblano sauce, fresh tomatoes and lettuce sandwiched in between two fat burger buns. That sounds mighty tempting. I’m not sure if this will be available locally but I’ll try to find out and update you guys.
While the Philippines is a rice-loving country (and it will never go out of style), burgers have become widely accepted in the country. With the success of many new burger joints- Monster Burger and their affordable half-pound burgers, Army Navy and their triple-quarter-pound burgers, and Johnny Rockets with their wide selection of 1/3-pound burgers are good examples, it can be said that Pinoys have become burger aficionados as well.

Jollibee had better start taking this seriously and make the Champion Meal, the Jollibee version of the Double Down a reality.


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  1. J P Hays

    Actually, the concept of stuffed burgers has been around for longer than the Double Down over here. I've seen pre-formed burger patties with cheese or veggies or even bacon stuffed in them at the supermarkets for several years now, and I've seen "inside-out" burgers (where it's basically two very thin burger patties filled with cheese and bacon, and then sealed shut and flattened) at higher-end restaurants for a while.


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