Army Navy: Burger + Burrito + Freedom Fries

And now that the holidays are over, we are back to regular programming (I’ll worry about the boatload of pictures that I have to sort out later). I trust that everyone had a good holiday? We’re on to yet another new year and let’s get rid of all the bad juju of the year that was (and think of happy nomz instead)

For months now (actually since the McDonald’s Twister Fries vs KFC Bucket Fries post), friends have been urging me to try the nomz at Army Navy.

They claim that the french fries at Army Navy tops all the french fries available pretty much anywhere. Big claim methinks, specially because Army Navy is a relative unknown in the land of fast food bigwigs with branches popping up in the city only recently. I just heard about this new burger joint towards the later part of 2010.

The menu

In line with its name, the newish fast food chain has a mess hall theme, with a simple ambiance of stainless tables and chairs accentuated by wood, greens (a color I associate with the army), and sheet metal decor. The menu is simple- it contains basic fast food grub that includes burgers, burritos, chicken, tacos, sandwiches, fries, onion rings, iced tea, and soda.


It would be a shame to go to a burger + burrito place and not try the burger. There are three to choose from- the classic Burger, the Double Burger, and the Bully Boy Burger (with three quarter-pound patties piled on top of each other) and I ended up trying the classic.

Burger (p135)

This large, single-patty burger was more than enough for (a very hungry) me. The quarter pound patty was a little undercooked for my liking but I think you can request them to cook the meat until it’s well-done. It isn’t my favorite burger (it’s still Double Brother’s Burger at the top of the list for me) but it’s not bad, I actually want to try the Bully Boy Burger someday just for the heck of it.


The next item on the list is the burrito, of course. I, for one, am really happy that we finally have a fast food store (besides Taco Bell) that sells burritos. I’m a big fan of the stuff, but the only branch of Taco Bell here is at GateWay mall, and I hardly head thattaway.

Chicken Burrito (p135)

I ordered the Army Navy Chicken Burrito and I would have to conclude that it is made from all things happy and good. Biting into the soft roll filled with strips of chicken and flavored rice is truly a fantastic treat for the senses. Top it with their special sauce and it’s heaven on earth. Best of all is that it’s a complete meal all in one neat package.

Freedom Fries

One last thing that I couldn’t pass up is the famous Freedom Fries. These are the very same fries that they say trumps all fries commercially available. I just had to find out if that claim is true.

Freedom Fries (p60)

With a semi-spicy coating, the famous Freedom Fries isn’t much different from Twister Fries and KFC fries in flavor. But unlike the other two, Freedom fries are thinner and are less oily, without the greasy aftertaste of Twister Fries nor the mushy texture of KFC Fries. They’re crispy, light, tasty, and they live up to the hype. Thumbs up!

Also good to note is the Army Navy iced tea called Libertea (p45/p55), it’s one thing I’ll keep going back for even without all the other things on the menu. The branch we visited at Glorietta 5 is a small little corner that’s almost always full. For people up North, you can visit the bigger Tomas Morato branch and for Southerners, do not fret, the one at President’s Avenue at BF will be open very soon (yay!).

Army Navy

Location: G/F Glorietta 5, Ayala Center, Makati
Contact Number: (02) 501-3106

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  1. Anonymous

    the burgers and the burritos and even the quesadillas are good… except for the fried chicken and rice.. you'll be truly disappointed


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