DeeDo, That Lychee Juice From Bangkok

When I went to copy the photos for the Bangkok Samurai Burger post, my tita showed me some goodies she found from her most recent trip to Thailand. One of which is this bottled lychee juice that she got from a grocery store in Thailand called DeeDo (if you can read the text in Thai, help? Thanks!).
DeeDo Lychee Juice (25 baht = 36 pesos)
Deedo is made from 10% lychee juice (at least it’s not ALL artificial flavoring) and is sold in most grocery stores for 25 baht per pack of six. Converting it to our local currency, that’s only about six pesos per bottle! And it’s pretty good too. The juice had a slightly syrupy texture making it feel like it’s sort of sliding down your throat and tasted like good old yummy lychee juice (for cheap!).
Do we have bottled lychee juice here? Please to point me to it. :o)

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  1. I used canned leecyhs for this too! I popped a few of them into the blender and voila, lychee juice without the tartness. I experimented with milk powder for a few reasons (and it worked so much better than just using plain milk) I didn’t want it to get too runny; the vanilla-ish scent in the powder compliments the lychee; and I can control how milky I want it to be.I love durian !! Like cheese, the stronger the better! Crepes with durian cream is da bomb!


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