Han Pao Tea House: Chinese Nomz Without A Twist (not that its a bad thing)

Hai everyone! I’m having one of the worst cases of the Monday blues in recent memory. Rain and the first day of the work week don’t go together. The gloomy weather takes my weekends-should-be-longer pouty mood and quadruples it. On the flipside, a new day means more new nomz to discover and that perks me up whenever and wherever.
Like Han Pao Tea House. If it weren’t for the Bim‘s sisters, I wouldn’t have found out about this Chinese restaurant located all the way over at Mandaluyong City. We were in the area a few Sundays ago and we were looking for a place to eat at on the way home when they suggested this Chinese restaurant in Sunshine Square. I was not familiar with the area, so I agreed right away as long as they’d lead me to it.
Appetizers Chicken Feet (p70) and Cold Cuts Platter (p280 (S))
Chinese restaurants are a dime a dozen in this country, we’ve embraced Chinese cooking as if it were our own. The popular restaurants serving Chinese food in thte country have adjusted their dishes to suit the Filipino taste buds. One of the first things I noticed about Han Pao Tea House is the number of Chinese diners present. I figure that if the Chinese like the cooking in this particular restaurant, then it must be good.
Cream Corn Soup w/ Quail Egg (p130) and Yang Chow Fried Rice (p100 (S) )
Skimming through the menu, I noticed that most of the items are typical Chinese restaurant nomz. For appetizers, we ordered Chicken Feet and the Roast Combination platter. I’m not a fan of chicken feet (don’t throw stones at me!) but I tried the sauce on this one and it was surprisingly tasty. It wasn’t as spicy as other chicken feet sauces but it had the right amount of kick.
The Cold Cuts Platter was filled with all kinds of roasted goodness, but what stood out was the Hainanese Chicken which had meat so tender and a sauce that wasn’t too salty. Not much can be said about the Cream Corn Soup w/ Quail Egg (my favorite), the Crispy Chicken, and the Beef with Broccoli Flower besides the fact that although common fare, they tasted better.
Main dishes Crispy Chicken (p200 half) and Beef with Broccoli Flower (p250)
My title may be a bit of a misnomer, this is in no way a hate post but you probably have figured it out by now that I absolutely enjoyed the nommables at Han Pao Tea House. Yes, the contents of their menu can be found in most other Chinese restaurants all over the city but Han Pao Tea House’s nomz are well-made, reasonably-priced (far more reasonable than all Chinese restos I’ve seen so far, even the fastfood ones), better-tasting, authentic and delicious.
Han Pao Tea House
Location: G/F, Sunshine Square, 312 Shaw Blvd., Mandaluyong
Contact Info: 717-0465

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