Le Whaf Gives A Whole New Meaning to Inhaling Your Food

The start of the week brings about some weird news. Fun! As I was doing the daily rounds of the Intarwebz this morning, I came across this story of a woman traveling to France to put her head over a goldfish bowl. With that kind of an intro, I read on of course.
This is Laura Powell of The Daily Mail, and no, what she’s doing isn’t illegal.
That bowl puffing smoke is called the Le Whaf, and the steam coming from it is flavored steam- the lady in picture is sampling lemon tart and tarte tatin. The idea behind this invention is that sometime in the near future, instead of digesting a calorie-laden seven course meal, we will be able to enjoy the same flavors simply by inhaling this flavored smoke.
With the Le Whaf, it might be a cross between these two.
The Le Whaf was invented by Willy Wonka David Edwards, Harvard professor and aerosol scientist. He’s also the guy who invented the Le Whif, that inhaler that comes in a variety of flavors (chocolate is the most popular) that came out last year and is surprisingly doing well in the market.
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If this can go mainstream, so can Le Whaf! The concept sounds a little bit too novel for me but it certainly seems like a good diet method. Imagine kaldereta-flavored smoke? Weird? I’d try it. What do you think?
*All pictures aren’t mine, they’re ganked from the net and they have attribution on them. So please don’t sue me.

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