McDonalds of the World: Samurai Burger in Bangkok

Today, we’ll add another entry (the third, yay!) to BaconTunaMelt’s McDonald’s of the World series. Thanks to my tita, who’s regularly in Thailand for business, our latest entry will be about the Bangkok version of the much loved, sometimes hated, but nevertheless very popular fast food chain.

McDonald’s of the World: Bangkok
When visiting Thailand, communication can be a bit of a problem. While the Thai people don’t look much different from our countrymen, unlike most Filipinos, few will be able to converse with you in English. Even in Bangkok, the country’s capital, not many can understand, and much less speak the language. You’ll have to get used to hand gestures and basic words to transact in most parts of the city.
Clowns are still creepy, imo
One of the most basic hand gestures that you should learn when you get to any part of Thailand is the wai. The wai is a traditional Thai greeting that can be used for many different situations. Bowing with your palms together in a praying position is the Thai way to politely say say “hello”, “thank you”, and even “i’m sorry”. Adopting Thai culture, the Ronald McDonald statue that welcomes you as you enter the store is in the traditional “wai” pose.
The menu is in Thai


The standee has chinky eyes ~_~
The logos and the theme is the same as it is in all McDonald’s branches around the world, but the menu in Bangkok is in Thai and their standee has the Thai chinky eyes. Maybe our posters should be in Filipino (plis no jejemh0wnz).

Samurai Burger Meal (116 baht/169 pesos) + Corn Pie ( 15 baht/22 pesos)

Tita Ging ordered the Samurai Burger Meal (specially for BaconTunaMelt <3) which comes with a Samurai Pork Burger, fries and a drink- like your typical McDonald’s meal. The meal costs one hundred sixteen baht, or about one hundred sixty nine pesos, a tad more expensive than our meals here. The Corn Pie costs 15 baht, or twenty two pesos. (I used Google’s current exchange rate: 1THB= 1.46 PHP)

The pattie is somewhere in there

With a name like Samurai Burger, you wouldn’t think it’s from Thailand. The patty is made with pork instead of beef and is slathered with teriyaki sauce (hence the name) and is topped with heaps and heaps of lettuce.

My tita says that the Corn Pie is not unlike our very own local dessert- the Filipino maha blanca. Corn kernels are mixed in a sweet and creamy mixture and wrapped in the same crunchy crust of the McDonald’s Apple Pie.

Thanks for the pictures Tita Ging! Check out my titas’ fabulous clothes, click here to visit the Pikachu’s Closet Facebook page (they’re cute, I promise!). Happy start of the weekend, gaiz!

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  1. J P Hays

    That actually doesn't look too bad. Maybe one of these days, I can take pictures of some of the American McDonald's dishes which aren't in the Philippines… That is, if I can manage to stomach something other than the Chicken McNuggets or the McChicken…


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