Jacks Ridge Bihod – Delightful Davao (Part 1)

Today, boys and girls, we start the series we shall call Delightful Davao. One lovely February weekend, the whole family plus 1 flew to the gorgeous city of Davao to be part of a beautiful wedding set in the nearby Samal island.
Because my dad hails from Davao and most of my relatives from his side of the family live there, I would regularly visit the city when I was growing up. My plus 1, however, has never set foot on the land of the vaunted durian fruit. Although we had very little time, he had to be schooled, of course. (Yup, no matter how much he flailed, he has been forced to try durian.)
On our first night, my relatives very kindly welcomed us with a small dinner get-together at the famous tourist spot, Jack’s Ridge. Located on top of Shrine Hills in Matina, you get to enjoy cool weather, historic sites, and a great view of the city skyline. We took advantage of the cool night and dined at Taklobo Restaurant, the main restaurant that boasts of authentic Dabawenyo cuisine.
Bihod (p72.24/100g)
One such dish is the Bihod. It may look like your regular fish viand, but it is anything but. Bihod is your local caviar, a roe of fresh yellowfin tuna eggs is seasoned, grilled and served. You can’t get this delicacy all that often because each female tuna only has two roes (fish ovaries) and it has to be pregnant (so it’s filled with eggs) at the time it is caught. 
I’ve never had the heart to try this dish but plus 1 valiantly tried it for me (and ended up loving it and finishing the entire plate). He says the meat is kind of bitter in a good way (much like laman loob) while having the texture of rigid tapioca. (I yech inwardly.)
The area had loooong flights of stairs. Phew!
Jack’s Ridge is a must-see for Davao first-timers. Besides Taklobo Restaurant, they also have Kai’s Bar and Grill (where beer is p30 during happy hour), Karlo’s Gourmet and Coffee (serving French, Italian, and Mexican dishes), Tap Room Piano and KTV, a pool, and a souvenir shop (perfect for tourists!).

Tune in for the next servings in the Delightful Davao series!

Jack’s Ridge Davao
Location: Shrine Hills, Matina, Davao
Contact details: (63)82-2978830 to 31
Other info: Jack’s Ridge Davao Website; Jack’s Ridge Official Facebook Page


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