Marina: Of Oysters and Other Seafood

Admittedly, I’m more of a red meat kind of gal. Seafood, no matter how it’s cooked (specially if it’s not not cooked at all), retains a mild fishy taste that I don’t particularly enjoy. So when it was decided that we were headed to Marina for a seafood dinner, I wasn’t excited. That is, until the food arrived.
Lato Salad (p130)
We started the meal with Lato Salad. It looked so unusual that I was extremely wary to try it. These things aren’t cooked, the seaweeds are slightly rinsed with water and then mixed with tomatoes and onions. I’m sure some people have developed a liking for these tiny globules of seaweed that pop salty sea pus in your mouth, but this salad isn’t for me. (I was nearly traumatized.)
Pinangat (p175)
After the salad that left my mouth tasting like I just swallowed a mouthful of seawater, I wasn’t looking forward to the next item on the menu which was the Pinangat. It turns out that the night was looking up. The pinangat is an Ilonggo dish made of ground pork balls wrapped in gabi (taro) leaves and then cooked in coconut milk. Being a fan of nomz prepared with coconut milk, I liked it a whole lot.
Baked Talaba (oysters) (p250)
I was really starting to enjoy the meal after the Pinangat. Things were looking up and the next dish turned out to be the highlight of the night- a plateful of Marina’s special Baked Talabang Ilonggo. A bucketful of fresh oysters are slathered with a healthy amount of cheese, butter and sprinkled with garlic, and then baked and served.
See that? That’s cheese and butter.
It was better than I expected. The plate arrived warm with the enticing aroma of cheese, butter and a hint of garlic playing at your senses. Each oyster shell had a juicy blob of oyster and was filled to the brim with melted cheese and butter that made each bite rich, creamy, and juicy all at the same time. Savoring these oysters made me forget the disaster that’s called Lato Salad. 

Marina’s menu is filled with fresh seafood dishes and Ilonggo specialties all at affordable prices. Their staff is always friendly and the service is quick and they have free WiFi too! Great, now I’m craving for oysters. ^_~

Marina Oyster Seafood Grill
Location: Oakridge Plaza, Paseo de Magallanes, Makati
Contact Info: (02) 851-4204; 0922-8796755
Other Info: http://marina.com.ph/


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