Origami and Yema Balls

Following the success of yema balls attempt number two were requests to make more. I figured that if I were to give them away, the yema needed a better presentation than being haphazardly arranged in assorted Tupperware. So the day before making them, I made my way to the nearest mall to find me some fancy containers.
The end result
I was looking to get either those boxes with windows on them or plain old acetate boxes but the search was fruitless. There weren’t any with the dimensions I wanted so I thought to make them myself via plain old origami (see instructions here). I bought a couple of cartolinas and set out to make square boxes and ended up with these.
Origami boxes in BaconTunaMelt colors!
The boxes are a little uneven, but you can barely tell. The big boxes contain nine yema balls each and the small boxes have four yema balls each. Nope, I’m not selling these so if you want some, just leave a message and I’ll see what I can do. 🙂
BaconTunaMelt Yema balls

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Mel is a developer by day, a couch potato by night, and a bacon lover at all times. She likes good noms, cute puppies, the color orange, and all things bacon. You may contact her at admin@bacontunamelt.com or anywhere via this blog.

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  1. Katherine C. Eustaquio

    Wah! Looks sooo good! I'm following your example ha? A friend requested I make some mini red velvet cakes for Valentines naman. GoNegosyo na to, Mel! 🙂

  2. abumelt

    @JP Hays: They're lighter, fluffier, less sweet than fudge. Sorry, I can't send anything further than Manila. Try making some, it's easy!

    @Ralph: LOL, sige sa next batch, I'll send some over. I'll send a message over FB. ~_~

    @Kath: I saw your red velvet cupcakes! Parang ang sarap, cream cheese pa yung icing. 😀

    1. Tracey: I was really cntoemplating on naming these sweets because it tasted more like pastillas to me than yema.Jenny: Yeah it’s uber easy to make and fun to do with the kids.Joanne: Oh I’m sure your Mama did other “caring” deeds for you that not sending “care packages” to you is forgivable.Ray: I know moms do it differently.. in a most special way i suppose.Annapet: Try it I think it’s also good for a Mac filling. what do you think.Betty: come on over haha. Thanks Betty!

  3. CRV

    Thanks so much! I learned how to make yema balls and the origami box to package them– in just one day. I am excited to bring yema balls in colorful boxes to my next local church's women's ministry fellowship. But first, I'll surprise my kids with these yummy gifts…


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